How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon to Hawaii

You deserve to have a truly magical honeymoon, and what better destination to bring out the magic in your relationship than Hawaii? With stunning views, beautiful landscapes, and even better beaches, there is something for every couple on Hawaii. Plan your honeymoon today and capture a little piece of paradise as you celebrate your new life with your spouse.

Hawaii Low Season to Plan Your Honeymoon For

Though the standard practice is to go off on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding there is honestly no need to rush. If you always dreamed of a winter wedding but don’t want to deal with the crowds on Hawaii for your honeymoon then it is okay to wait for the low periods to start up again.

These low periods occur twice a year, from April to June and again from September to December. Planning your wedding around when you want is best to visit Hawaii is perfectly acceptable, but so too is waiting a month or so until things start to quiet down in that little slice of paradise and you can secure yourselves some great deals.

Due to Hawaii’s location and tropical climate the weather stays relatively the same throughout the year so waiting for a low period is a great way to make your money go further.

Choose the Type of Honeymoon Right for You

If lazing on a beach and being pampered for a week next to palm trees is not your cup of tea then it’s not your cup of tea. There are so many great ways to explore Hawaii both on the long term and the short term.

Hawaii’s Islands and What They’re Famous For


Maui offers stunning beaches, lush jungle, and plenty of local culture to experience firsthand. Opt for a hotel package, or see the whole island first-hand by staying in one of great Maui RV Rentals which would carry you on your honeymoon adventure as you traverse the stunning coastal highways and soak in one of the prettiest destinations on earth.

Hana Highway

Scenic drives are a great way to soak in the beauty of the island on a short schedule, and with routes like the jungle road to 64.4 mile long Hana Highway or the Chain of Craters Road that will take you through the Volcanoes National Park and beyond.

Haleakalā National Park

This national park features a dormant volcano and is over 33,265 acres in size. It has plenty of natural beauty to see either on a drive or up close and personal on a hike.


Molokini is an otherworldly place in Hawaii. Featuring an uninhabited crescent-shaped islet just off the coast of Maui, this old volcano crater is not home to some great snorkeling experiences.

Iao Valley

The infamous “Needle” peak looks like it is out of the Jurassic era and does genuinely need to be seen to be believed. Explore this 10 mile park to its fullest, and remember to take some time simply admiring the infamous peak in all its glory.


Kaua’i or Kauai is a great place to enjoy those relaxed small town vibes while kicking it at a crystalline beach. Go for the coral reefs, the laid back towns, and have a peaceful relaxing time exploring this island and all its beautiful state parks.

Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

This state park offers some of the most striking coastal sea cliffs in all of Hawaii, as well as the infamous Kalalau Trail you must take time to trek.

Waimea Canyon State Park

For impressive canyon views and a massive natural gorge head to Waimea Canyon State Park. It is a great area to see on foot and by car.

Hanalei Bay

When you’re done adventuring for the day it’s time to head over to Hanalei Bay where you will enjoy a long, soft-sand beach and some beautiful mountain views to pass your down time with.


Oahu is the metropolis that has everything, from great shops, to bars, to beaches and natural wonder.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a dormant volcano surrounded by a city and is utterly stunning to see up close and afar if you are lucky enough to get an aerial tour of the place.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor holds great historical significance, and O’ahu is where all the action took place. Learn more about the Pacific Theater and see the infamous site up close and personal.

Top Events You Must Enjoy on Your Honeymoon

A Traditional Hawaiian Luau

A luau is typically reserved to celebrate a big event, like a birthday or graduation, and is done with family and friends. There are, however, commercial luau’s which will take you right to the heart of the action but do beware. Most are tacky, overpriced, and not very traditional at all. There are still some hidden gems, but see what the locals think of them before committing. A traditional luau features hula dancing, great music, storytelling, and of course amazing island delicacies.

Spend a Day on a Hike

Driving through scenic roads is a great way to see a lot of Hawaii even in a short period of time, but nothing will ever beat being on a hike yourself. Going through the stunning jungle, seeing waterfalls and deep blue pools, and enjoying that feeling of satisfaction when you finally reach the top. Choose your hike wisely however and remember to keep to your fitness level for safety.

Go to the Spa

Hawaii is full of resorts, which means it also offers great options when it comes to becoming pampered. Even if you aren’t a guest at the resort you can still book for a spa package or even a day pass to their pool or water facilities.

Have a Day on the Water

Surf, paddleboard, swim, dive, snorkel – whatever you like doing on the water get out there. Try something different or just enjoy floating in the gentle tides of an isolated bay. With so many stunning beaches having a day out on the water that is full of fun and sun is a must for your honeymoon.