Top Travel Accessories for Stylish Men

Comfort is one of the main priorities for the seasoned traveler. However, if you’re looking to stay stylish on your adventures, there’s a host of accessories perfect for you. Of course, you don’t want to take anything too cumbersome on your travels, so check out these handy items that can help you stay stylish but not weigh you down.

1. Duffle bag

Unless you like wheeling around a suitcase, a carry bag is an ideal alternative. To keep stylish, opting for an on-trend duffel bag is the perfect solution. There are a variety of duffel bags available, including examples that you can take on as hand luggage, and larger types to fit in all your essentials. The design is perfect for travel, as there are plenty of pockets with secure zips and tons of space to ensure valuables are close to hand. Most bags also have a supported bottom panel, and comfortable grip handles for easy portability.

2. Stylish specs

If you wear glasses, you’ll know that if you lost your trusty pair, they would need to be replaced. So, to prevent any mishaps, get an extra pair to keep with you on your travels. There are tons of stylish specs to choose from, including top brands such as Nike glasses and Diesel examples. You can get them in a variety of colors too, so why not mix it up a little and go for a style that catches your eye.

3. Hanging toiletry bag

Every man has a toiletry bag for the essentials, but how organized is it when you’re trying to find what you need in the shower room. To make life easier, consider a hanging toiletry bag. This handy design enables you to hang it on the back of a door or peg. Plus, it has compartments to store everything in, so it’s easy to reach. This is particularly useful for washrooms that have limited space or hanging facilities, and it rolls up to save on space in your luggage.

4. Leather passport holder

If you have a stylish wallet, then why not get a passport holder to complement it. If you travel a lot, a leather passport holder will also protect it from the wear and tear that comes with customs and passport control checking. These holders often have useful pockets within the sleeve to place other items such as paperwork or boarding cards. If you travel with your partner or family, then why not get matching ones to keep everyone’s passports safe and stylish.

5. Selfie stick

Have you even been on vacation unless you’ve snapped a picture of it? For guys that love to capture their adventures on camera and take those all-important selfies in front of the sights, a selfie stick is the ultimate travel accessory. There is a range of selfie sticks available, including tripod and extendable varieties. You can also get a wireless remote too that works with most types of phones, so you don’t have to set a timer and try and run back to get that Instagram worthy snap.