“It’s Getting Hot in Here”

a play on words to the growing concern of global warming that is causing erratic weather patterns and affecting people, nature and animals. We also keep on top of green news and sustainable tourism.


Information on the air that we breathe, animals, plants and the soil beneath our feet, and how to maintain their optimal health.


Make Your Journey
Greener With Our Green Tips!

Guilty about your carbon footprint? Fret not, we are on top of all the latest and greatest ways of living a fun life without doing too much damage!


Sustainable Tourism

We aim to educate lovers of travel on the best long-term
practices for tourism, so that it’s a greater net positive for
local employment and our often fragile nature.

Veganism / Plant-Based

Gravitating more towards a plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for the planet. It’s also kinder too and can be healthy if planned accordingly.