How to Live a More Sustainable Life

We are now more than ever facing climate change consequences and there is an immediate need for us to react to it. Most people think that this is a job that needs to be done by government and responsible authorities; however, the truth is that we are all contributing to the carbon footprint on a daily basis. Living in a sustainable way shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, once they are determined to do so.  

At the end of the day, we only have this planet to live on, and we should all take part in saving it from destruction. To make this even easier for you, we have prepared this guide on how to live a more sustainable life by giving you tips and tricks that won’t require that you change your lifestyle drastically.

Sustainable Transportation

Unfortunately even to this day, transportation is one of the main contributors of the carbon footprint worldwide. Even though they are advised to use as much sustainable transport whenever possible, people seem to love their cars a bit too much and have a difficulty getting them out of their routine. It is understandable that the invention of cars has transformed our lives for the better, however there are possibilities of reducing their use. 

We know and see that people are somehow unaware of how much they use their cars and one of the areas where this could be changed is by opting for trains over planes and car-sharing possibilities over personal cars when going for vacations. Or even beyond that, people can also stay local for their own entertainment, and they don’t have to travel to another place just to have fun and relax. 

Nowadays, when it comes to entertainment most possibilities are either offered locally or online. For example, those who like gambling sometimes travel to other cities to visit casinos, when they could be relaxing on their sofa while playing online slots games on their phone. Hence, unnecessary trips can be avoided and other options, especially those online, should be considered. Plat at home, help the planet. 

Reduce, Reuse Recycle

This is the famous and magical three R’s rule that you have probably heard by now. Living by this rule is not a challenge for anyone because it won’t change much into the routine you already have. The three R’s rule is being highly encouraged by governments worldwide and is one of the simplest steps you can add to your everyday life. 

The idea is to reduce waste by reducing single-use plastics, such as for example plastic bags. Instead of using plastic bags, you can purchase one tote bag which you can carry with you when you go shopping. Additionally, other single-use plastics include plastic straws, cutlery, water bottles, food packaging, cups, plates and bowls, and so forth. 

Then, the second part of the rule is to reuse things that you already have. If you already have a water bottle, then fill it in with water before leaving the house and have it with you wherever you go. You most certainly don’t need to buy a plastic one if you already have yours with you. 

Last but not least important, recycle as much as you can. This last part of the rule primarily applies to waste, that means, when you go to throw out the waste from your house, put everything in the respective container. This way, you will make sure that the plastic and other materials waste will not end up in our oceans but will be properly destroyed by the respective company. 

Adopt a Plant-Based Diet

It has been proven that one way on how we could contribute to saving our planet Earth is by becoming vegan. Even though this is a lifestyle that more and more people are embracing every day, there are some who would rather die than go vegan. However, contrary to popular belief, a plant-based diet can have a lot of positive impacts on the environment. 

Animal agriculture is one of the main contributors of gas emissions. Hence, by having less animal agriculture there is less gas emission in the atmosphere. Apart from that, animal agriculture is also one of the key sources of water and air pollution which is negatively impacting the environment. Additionally, in order to keep animal agriculture running a lot of water is necessary and by reducing it, we conserve our water resources. 

It is understandable that moving from a full-meat diet to a plant-based diet can be a challenge for you. However, there are ways on how you can do it. For example, you can decide to reduce your meat intake to one time per week, or you can try to find new plant-based meals that you like and use them in your daily routine. 

We know that for some people reading this guide could be overwhelming and they feel like they cannot do much for our planet. However, you need to remember that even the smallest activity that you do in this direction goes a long way. So, let’s unite together and live more substantially because there is no planet B!