What Is The EZ Flo Fertilizer System And Why Should You Care?


The EZ Flo fertilizer system is quickly gaining popularity among gardeners and home owners. It is not that difficult to figure out why since we are looking at a very interesting system that can bring in some pretty important advantages. The EZ Flo fertilizer filter will give you delivery systems suitable for all sized landscapes as liquids are proportioned all through the irrigation systems to shrubs, gardens flowers and trees. Basically, the system allows you to use your sprinkler system to also add concentrated fertilizer while irrigation happens. There is a system that is connected with the irrigation valves and holds the fertilizer. Then, as irrigation happens, fertilizer is proportioned based on a specific dictated rate.

Facts Of Importance About How EZ Flo Works

An EZ-Flo Main Line system will be attached to the in-ground sprinklers. Alternatively, they can be added to a drip irrigation system. When the irrigation system is utilized, the EZ-Flo will release precise, small water-soluble fertilizer doses or liquid non-hazardous fertilizer doses right into water streams.

The EZ-Flo system is very easy to install, with the installation taking just a few minutes. It is highly recommended that they are added to underground valve boxes, even though they can also easily be hidden under some decorative rocks. In many cases, home owners even decided to house them in some above ground structures, although this is normally not considered as being ideal.

A unique part of using the EZ-Flo system is that it has an ability to easily and precisely proportion the fertilizer concentrate in a way that is extremely accurate. The official name used for this process is “micro-dosing”. It practically means that fertilizer concentrate amount will be accurately proportioned but N-P-K fertilizer elements are always in perfect, consistent ratios from the fill cycle beginning right to its end.

The common assumption with EZ-Flo is that the fertilizer ends up diluted since it goes through the irrigation system. This is not actually the case because of the flow technology developed. Simply but, an invisible bladder is created through the flow technology. It actively separates the fertilizer concentrate (located at tank bottom) from water that enters the tank. In addition, a special micro-jet agitation nozzle is present at tank bottom. This will gently agitate fertilizers while keeping the result at a semi-dissolved, consistent rate. Dilution simply does not happen because of the developed technology.


The EZ-Flo fertilizer system is very useful because of the main advantage of delivering exactly as much fertilizer is necessary, no matter the time of day or the actual cycle that is used. When compared with similar proportioning systems available on the market, because of the fact that dilution does not happen, it is important to consider EZ-Flo for all situations when exact fertilizer doses are necessary on a constant basis. Taking advantage of the current irrigation system a home has is now possible through the simple installation of the EZ-Flo fertilizer system, which can be done really fast when you know what you are doing.