Online Dating For Newbies

We’ve all been there – new to the dating game either for the first time or after a dirty and hard break up. Online dating used to be the thing made of taboo, nightmare-esque imagery of meeting up with some crazed serial killer who managed to lure you to some shopping mall parking lot after hours, but nothing could be further from the truth. Well. Kind of. If you’re new to the online dating game and want to know how to slay the competition with your presence on the various sites, or would prefer to try out some of the top hookup sites for no strings attached fun, check out this guide to online dating for newbies.


Things To Watch Out For

Girls – you will probably get pictures in your inbox of men’s… ahem… nether regions at least once. Yes, while unsolicited “dick pics” are not a fun thing, don’t let it get you down or put you off. For every unsolicited genitalia photograph you receive there are about five decent guys on a local hookup app who are looking for someone without needing to flash their stuff from the off.

Guys – watch out for women with profile photos that are TOO flattering. If she looks too good to be true, she probably is. Also set your expectations accordingly. If you’re looking for someone with Pam Anderson’s measurements and hair you’re probably going to be disappointed and never find the “right” date because anyone that’s showing that off online is probably as we said, too good to be true.

Be Truthful And Play Yourself Up

But don’t be arrogant. Saying things like “I love challenging myself at x and learning new skills” or similar is preferable to “I’m amazing at x”. Be humble but confident in yourself. Don’t bring yourself down or you will come off as needy and always on the hunt for validation.

Use Realistic Photos

Glam photos you did for fun? Probably not the best idea. Also if you’re trying to hide the fact you might be a bit bigger, don’t. The more truthful you are the less likely you will be to build yourself up for hurt and disappointment. Imagine the scenario where you’re meeting up with someone from your chosen site (more here) and you can tell they’re shocked that you’re a size 16 and not the size 10 your photos made you out to be because of the angle (shots taken from above, anyone?). Awkward. Be honest and the right person will find you much easier.

Set Realistic Expectations

Not just for the dates themselves but for the whole experience. It’s awkward meeting new people, especially when you don’t have a friend in common who can help break the ice. First dates are going to be a bit awkward, so expect that it’s going to take a couple of dates to get the swing of things – and not all necessarily with the same person. Also be aware that you probably won’t find “the one” on your first date with a new person.

So if you’re doing online dating for the first time, go slow, take your time and be ready to explain you aren’t interested to those who will undoubtedly come sniffing around even if you aren’t interested. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and online dating has a whole wide pool. So set up profiles on a few sites and get started – there’s a whole new world of dating out there for you to explore!