3 Reasons for Choosing a Private Villa as Your Wedding Venue

Let’s face it, this is the single most important day of your life so far, and you don’t want to mess it up. It is of the utmost importance to find the perfect place to host your wedding, and there are too many options out there, so it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by the task. So, in order to help you reduce your options, we’ll give you a series of reasons of why vacation rentals are a better choice as a wedding venue than a hotel.


Maybe not the first time one would think about when looking for a wedding venue, but that’s what choosing a private villa brings to the table. Having a wedding by the beach, at a large hotel, where you choose a ‘package’ of pre-fab, standardized services is not synonymous of ‘unique’. Finding a villa with its own style and personality, by the beach or by the mountains, it’s something that can’t be standardized. No two wedding at a private villa looks the same, and we all know that all hotel pre-packaged weddings look pretty similar.


A private villa won’t charge you any added cost for having your wedding on its premises. You can do whatever you want during the days you have booked the property. Can you say the same about a hotel? Of course not, large resorts will squeeze every last dollar out of you, using every little service like photographer, or even a cake as an excuse. In a villa, you decide how much you want to spend, as you can choose any service provider available in the area, not the ones that the hotel impose on you. Which brings us to the next reason…



A pre-packaged hotel wedding usually works with an array of services pre-designed, from where the newlyweds can choose the ones they want to include for their event. This means, you’ll have one photographer to choose, one or two types of cakes, one or two kinds of celebrations, one or two types of flowers, etc. In a private villa you control everything. The secret to make of this event a success is to hire a professional wedding planner who knows the best service providers in the area, and how you’d know who is a good wedding planner? Look for the one that offers you plenty of options for each service, that’s a professional who knows his/her business and is not trying to impose anyone on you. So, at a villa you can choose if you want a mariachi to arrive at your wedding after midnight (and you will be able to choose which mariachi) or what kind of wine you want to serve. Obviously, the dinner is also your choice, and here is where you can make really interesting choices too.

Then you have some other reasons to choose a private villa over a hotel for your wedding, simple things like hosting your guests in a more personal environment; the privacy that only a private home can provide; and even the morning after is much better when you can sit with your friends and family at a comfortable living room to enjoy a good coffee, instead of meeting at a standardized buffet prepared for massive tourism.