Pet Portraits: A Perfect Gift for your Grandparents

A family tree starts from our grandparents who are often seen as “stress buffer”, “family‘s foundation”, “arbitrators”, “warm and cozy place in winters”. They are like the underlying roots of a big tree giving stability to the family. When it comes to getting a gift for Grandma and Grandpa, it can be hard to find something that shows just how important they are. They play a major role in the lives of their grandchildren, though it is often indirect. Most significant is the support and help they provide to every member. All this means they deserve an extra special gift.

Pets are part of our everyday existence and part of our families. They make us chuckle, comfort us when we’re sick or upset, and are always there for us no matter what. They provide not only companionship but also emotional support. With almost no effort at all, pets manage to bring such a great amount of bliss into our lives. They also build up our confidence and help in positive emotional development.

And not everyone understands the bond between humans and animals. So if you got grandparents who share your affection for pets or for them you and your pets are equal, then you’re probably the most fortunate person alive. Skip the cliché “World’s Best Grandparents” quotes on t-shirts or mugs – this year, surprise them with the unexpected. Pet Portraits are the perfect gift for your grandparents if you want to gift something meaningful rather than settling for some materialistic items.

There’s an online platform named BookMyPainting which combines present-day innovation with hand-painted craftsmanship, all wrapped up in a quirky gift wrap. They feature dedicated and talented artists who’ll bring any bit of an image into life. And they are bound to leave your grandparents feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. BookMyPainting provides different mediums to choose from and you can include your touch the way you want.  All you have to do is to choose your medium, upload your favorite picture of your pet/pets, and select the desired size and order. Your work is done. Their experts will help you to customize your masterpiece.  Now, sit back and watch your showstopper delivered at your doorsteps. Their 100% handmade paintings will surely leave your grandparents’ faces in awe.

Can’t decide the perfect art style for your perfect gift? Don’t stress, these few tips will surely rescue you:

Handmade Charcoal Sketches

If you want your portrait to be classic and have a raw feel just like your grandparents then surely go for charcoal sketches. This is a wonderful option in black and white drawings. The blending, shading, and display of finer details are perfect in this art style.

Oil Portrait Paintings

Looking for something more colorful? Oil paintings should be your choice. They are lustrous, vivid and more realistic than other mediums.  It is said that if oil paintings on canvas are preserved properly, they can last for centuries or more. So what’s better than preserving all the love and memories of two important parts of your family – your grandparents and your pet/pets inside a solitary portrait?

Watercolor Paintings

This medium in color paintings takes into old-school art techniques. If you remember painting your first picture with your grandparents then you should choose this medium to bring back all the recollections. These watercolor paintings are vivid, joyous and minutely detailed.

Pencil Color Drawing

Confused between a drawing and a painting. Pencil color medium is something for you. Pencil color mediums are appropriate when you want to stick to your budget and cannot compromise with colors. Pencil color portraits are colorful just like oil paintings and watercolor paintings but it has a texture of graphite drawings.

After so many years of receiving blessings and amazing gifts from your grandparents, it is time to return the favor.  It is said that you cannot stay with your beloved persons forever, but you can always preserve and cherish their love and memories. Gifts are only a physical form of showing love but they can be extra meaningful when they come from loving grandkids. Be it their Golden Jubilee or holiday season, these pet portraits are sure to bring a smile on your grandma and grandpa’s faces.