6 Exercises You Can Do with Your Dog

If you or even your dog has been advised to lose weight, or if you want to start exercising more to improve your overall fitness levels, it can be a great idea to work out with your dog.

Not only will your four-legged friend love taking part in physical activities with you, but they will also act as a great motivator, as well as make the whole process of working out a lot more fun.

From going on runs together to swimming in the ocean to specific muscle building exercises that you can incorporate into playtime with your dog, exercising has never been more fun.

1. Go for a jog or run

Arguably the simplest way to exercise with your dog is by running or jogging on a dog-friendly track. Running is a great cardiovascular exercise as it increases your heart rate and helps to burn fat.

Make sure that you bring some water for your dog (and you) so that neither of you becomes dehydrated.

2. Play tug-of-war

All you need for this is a piece of old rope or a dog toy that is designed for this fun and strength building game. Playing tug-of-war with your dog for a mere 15 minutes can significantly help improve your upper body strength and get your heart pumping.

3. Play catch

The key to making this popular dog activity work better for you and your fitness goals is in ensuring that you run about as you throw the ball or frisbee. This will make the game much more fun for your dog, plus it will help you to burn more calories.

4. Join an exercise class

If you are not a fan of regular gym classes, you may be surprised at just how many exercise classes that enable you and your dog to work out together, and how fun they are! From doggy boot camps to ‘Doga’ (that’s yoga for dogs), to butts and guts with your mutts, to cross-training with your dog.

It is a good idea to have your dog checked over before embarking on an exercise class, heartandpaw.com, a veterinary care facility in Callowhill, will be able to check your dog’s overall health as well as weigh them to ensure that they are within their healthy weight range.

  1. Go for a swim

If you are lucky and live near the ocean, take advantage of this free and highly enjoyable fitness opportunity, and go for a swim with your dog. The average person burns between 400-600 calories per hour swimming, plus this low impact exercise is easy on your joints, so it is ideal for heavier people or those who have not worked out for a long time.

Remember, not all dogs can swim, so if you have not swum with your dog before, it is best to start in a swimming pool and make sure they are within their depth as they learn.

6. Squat and throw

If you don’t want to sign up for a doggy boot camp class, why not create your one? All you need to do is combine a variety of muscle building and core strengthening exercises into playtime with your dog.

For example, each time you throw a ball for your dog to fetch, carry out some squats, sit-ups, or press-ups in the time that it takes them to return the ball to you.

You can also add cardio to this by running on the spot or chasing your dog as they run for the ball.