Changing Lifestyle 

I have been speaking recently with a good friend of mine in Tampa, Florida, about changing her lifestyle for the better.  She has constantly wanted to live a healthier/cleaner lifestyle but used to really struggle to maintain and keep here health kick alive.  She was sick and tired of not being able to follow through with the promises she made herself.  So, at this start of this year she sat down to review what she needed to do and how she could strive to do it.  Her way of thinking was if you don’t change it nobody else will, if she didn’t amp up her goals, she would be lacking confidence forever.


One of my friend’s main issues was her diet, she constantly found it hard to consume a balanced healthy diet and stick by it with her busy schedule.  The last thing she wanted to do after a busy day at work was to come home and cook decent meals.  This all changed when she found a great diet plan online, she thinks it is so much easier when you plan out and organise what you will be eating throughout the week.  On her days off, she preps meals that can easily be reheated in the microwave or oven.  By doing this she can maintain a controlled calorie intake, without spending a lot of time through the week cooking.  She has also used various different companies, that actually send you all of your meals which cuts down on the cooking process even more.


Another change that she knew she needed to make was the amount of exercise she was doing and that was little to non.  One of her main issues was being intimated about going to the gym, she did not like the idea of working out next to fitter people and not knowing how to work the equipment.  She battled this first of all by starting work out routines at home to increase her fitness before making the leap to the gym.  When she felt like she was ready she read through loads of reviews and comments about local gyms in her area.  She found that really important as she wanted a gym where she would feel comfortable and wanted to make sure that it met all of her needs.

Cosmetic Surgery

My friend believes that there is no shame in getting a helping hand on things that you can’t really change yourself.  Her way of thinking is that cosmetic surgery can really help changing something that is affecting your self-confidence and putting a hold on progressing yourself.  That’s why when she was recently visiting Tampa, Florida she had some work done at Sono Bello, a clinic she read about online.  She feels since having the work done she is a lot more confident to strive to her goals and overall just feels better about herself.  She did urge to make sure that you please do your research on the clinic before making the leap.

Don’t Stop

The most important thing that my friend mentioned was how she is not giving up.  There has been a lot of times where the temptation to stop improving has been strong and she knows that will happen but she is determined to keep going.  She really thinks that changing the above has been extremely helpful to her life and recommends making the changes to everybody.