The top reasons how men creep women out

Honestly, it doesn’t take a lot to creep out a woman. If you ask any woman you know, she’s probably going to have her own little story about how a weird man tried to ask her out or got a bit too close in the bar. Whilst some women do creep out men in return, it doesn’t tend to happen as often. If you’ve creeped out a woman, don’t worry, it honestly happens to the best of us and tends to be more of an accident if anything. But just to make sure that you don’t do it again, here are the top reasons how men creep out women.

Online Stalking

When it comes to social media, it’s pretty common to find people putting on photos and information about their daily lives. However, sometimes people can forget to put their profiles on private. That means the whole world can see what they are doing and where they are.

There is nothing creepier than a guy who goes online and starts digging through a girl’s profile. It only looks worse if you genuinely don’t know the girl in real life and you’re just stalking because she looks fairly pretty. The idea that you’re trying to spy on a woman’s daily life and find out where she is isn’t just creepy, it can come off as fairly terrifying.

You may ultimately think you are helping your chances by learning what someone is doing online. But honestly, it won’t. It will just make you look like you’re a bit obsessive. Avoid doing that and instead, just let the woman herself tell you what’s going on in her life.


Meeting a woman in real life isn’t like meeting one of the most realiable and professional escorts in Cheshire. She won’t just smile and accept everything that you say. Instead, coming off as too nice can come off as rather creepy. This is because it will make you look like you’re just trying to appease her and aren’t listening to the things that she’s saying. Instead, treat her like she is an actual human being and listen to the things that she has to say. The more you treat her like she is a genuine person, the less creepy you will end up looking.

Another thing is that if a woman genuinely is turned off by your “over-friendliness”, don’t just jump to the other side of the coin and start treating her nastily. Nothing gives you the right to do that. Just walk away from the situation and try to talk to someone else instead. That will defuse the situation.

Eye Contact

How often is it that you check out a beautiful woman? Probably too much than you would like to admit. Well, what sort of woman is going to talk to you if all you did is stare at her body? Not many. When you talk to a woman, try to retain eye-contact. Do not let your gaze flicker down to different areas of her body. This is pretty much a game over when it comes to the world of romance. You’re going to look like you’re more interested in sexualising her, rather than getting to know her as a person.

Pet Names

Honestly, calling someone something like “sweetie”, “love”, “hottie” or “sexy” isn’t exactly a good way to get to know someone. Instead, it can come off as patronizing. Just avoid using these nicknames altogether. If you don’t know who she is, just ask her her name and then try to relate to her via conversation. That way you can get started on the right foot.


So, let’s say that you’ve met this girl at a club or have just seen her profile online. You start messaging her but don’t get a response back. For most people, that would be a sign to just move on and try and talk to someone else. But if you are, unfortunately, a bit of a “nice guy” or “incel”, this may spark rage in you and make you persistently message them in hopes you might get a reaction out of them. This is seriously unattractive and can make you look obsessive. Don’t get angry with them. Instead, just apologise for disturbing them and move on. That way you will at least look like a gentleman rather than just another nice guy on the internet or in a club.

Changing your tune

If you want to make a good first impression on the women you meet, think before you speak or act. Women wanted to be treated like anyone else. If you make a little effort and don’t go over the top, you will find that they respond positively towards you. Go too far and you will have blown it.

Good luck!