How Dock Square Parking Garage Deliver The Best Service in Boston

Anyone who lives in Boston, MA will know only too well just how difficult it is to get parked in the city center. What is worse is that many of the parking garages just don’t deliver on what they should. This is not a difficult business to get right but so many of them seem to make it more difficult that it has to be. Thankfully I have found the brilliant Dock Square Parking Garage, a company who do things right and who I have been using for just over a year now. If you want parking in Boston, here is why Dock Square is the only place you should be looking at.


Security is something which should uppermost in the minds of a parking garage business but in Boston that seems to have escaped many of them. My friends and colleagues have told me horror stories about scratched cars, cars being broken into and even some have been stolen from this so-called secure garage. Dock Square however is dedicated to keeping your car safe and secure, they have cameras which cover every inch of the garage, as well as a security conscious team. I know that when I leave my car here, I’ll come back to it just as I left it.


The prices of some of the parking garages in Boston are absolutely outrageous, basically if there is no competition nearby they think that they can charge whatever they like. Dock Square parking garage has a reasonable and competitive pricing system which is perfect for long stay parkers like me. They charge a lower hourly fee for those staying over 6 hours, which is great for those working in the city center.


Dock Square provide ample parking space for you and they have separate spaces for smaller and bigger cars. What this means is not only do you have space to open up your door, get a stroller inside, put your shopping away or assist someone into the car, it is also means you won’t have your car scratched by your neighbor’s door. Many parking garages try to cram in as many vehicles as they possibly can in order to make more money, that may be good for them but when your car gets scratched as a result you won’t be using their service again. The guys at Dock Square ensure that there is plenty of space for you.

Customer Service

Customer service isn’t exactly something which I look for in a parking garage but honestly it is nice to have. Because Ii use Dock Square most days the guys know me and they always make an effort to say hello and ask how I am. For me this gives me more confidence that they are going to take care of my car, and it is also nice to see a friendly face in the morning.

Don’t use anywhere else in Boston, these guys are the best.