Four Fun Ideas for a First Date 

When it comes to organizing a first date, it can often feel like a minefield. You want it to be memorable but laid back and relaxed, fun but not too forced. Yes, you can always fall back on the tried and tested formulas, like grabbing some coffee or going out for drinks, but sometimes the conversation flows more easily when you have something else to focus on besides each other.

That’s why we like dates where you actually go out and do something. But what should you choose? Here are four fun ideas to inspire you.

Go bowling 

Source: Pixabay

It may seem a little bit retro, but the guys and gals of yesteryear knew how to have fun long before smartphones and Netflix arrived on the scene, so it might just be worth taking a leaf out of their books and going bowling. It’s the perfect way to get to know somebody because all eyes are on the bowling alley, so the conversation is able to flow naturally. In case you get along like a house on fire, do make sure that you’re dressed to impress, so you can grab some dinner and drinks to make your evening last even longer.

Visit the casino

Do you like a little excitement in your life? If you find someone who enjoys an adrenaline rush as much as you do, a glamorous evening at the casino might be a good idea. You can dress to the nines and sip on some cocktails, but you’ll still have something to focus on besides each other, helping to avoid anything too intense. To make sure you impress, you may want to get some practice in beforehand, so why not pop across to a directory site like BonusSource and try your luck with these Lobstermania offers? One of the most popular slot machines on the planet, Lobstermania is played by people all around the world, and it has a nice, easy-to-understand setup. It’s a great choice for getting to grips with how it all works, meaning you can make absolutely sure you don’t come off as a first timer.

Go on a doggy date

Source: Pixabay

If one or both of you has a pooch, perhaps add them into the dating equation? Pets are brilliant conversation starters and tend to help ease any anxiety and make you feel instantly more comfortable. They’re a great excuse to arrange something outdoors, so choose somewhere suitably picturesque to take them on a walk. If nothing else, you’ll get one very important question out of the way early on – will your pet approve of your choice of partner?

Visit a farm

When it comes to arranging a date, the best ones are memorable but with a laid-back, chilled-out vibe, so what better place to go than a farm or petting zoo? No one in the world is immune to the charms of adorable animals, so it’s a guaranteed good day out, and you’ll have plenty around you to help keep the conversation flowing. If you find there’s no real spark, you’ll still have had fun, and if you hit it off, you’ll know exactly where to revisit on your first anniversary.

If you’ve been single for a while or feel like you’re eternally unlucky in love, why not mix things up and make dating fun again? With these four fantastic ideas, you’ve got plenty of material to pick from!