Traveling with kids: Getting over the common mistakes

Source: Pexels | Mark Richards

There was once a time where traveling used to be the most relaxing way to use your annual leave. Then, the kids came and suffice to say, things turned on their head.

Of course, family holidays are still an utterly fantastic time to spend that free time away from the office. However, if they’re not done right, they can be stressful, and this is what today’s guide is about.

We are now going to look at four of the most common mistakes people tend to make whilst traveling with their children, to hopefully make their plans go a lot more smoothly the next time they jet off into the sunset.

Get the formalities organised before you travel

It’s not the most enjoyable topic to talk about when it comes to holidays, but in terms of ensuring everything goes to plan make sure your travel insurance and other documentation is all up to date.

For the kids, the policies are usually very easy to find, while for parents Staysure have special cover for over 50s which can help.

Nowadays, this is more important than ever, with some travellers unearthing some terrible stories about not being covered for medical care after requiring medical assistance abroad.

Take things slowly

Again, if we return to the era where you were traveling alone, attempting to tick off all of the top attractions in the world might have been one of your best pastimes as you jetted away.

Well, that approach just isn’t going to work anymore. Trying to cram in as many activities as possible is just going to prove tiring – and this is the last thing that anyone needs.

Sure, kids need structure and an itinerary is a good place to start. However, try and take things slowly; you don’t have to do everything in a day.

Be shrewd with your hotel choices

When it comes to choosing a hotel, a lot of us are in bargain-hunter mode. While this is admirable, it does have its pitfalls.

There are certain things you can and can’t compromise on when it comes to children. Decent on-site facilities are a must – and can prove to be invaluable on a slower day where you just want to relax locally. At the same time, ensure your location is moderately central; the last thing you need is for everyone to be piling into a taxi just to get to a restaurant every evening.

The same rules apply with flight times

Try to resist the urge to book the cheapest flights – unless they really work for you of course. We really can’t preach the importance of good flight times whilst traveling with little ones. If they can correlate with their normal sleeping routines, it can make the world of difference by the time that you land. They will land moderately refreshed, rather than the grumpy, tired state that an early morning flight can prompt.

It might not always possible but if the price difference is minimal, at least consider it.