Bogoljub Karic – Tips on Surviving a Mexican Girlfriend

My buddy Bogoljub Karic and I began dating our Mexican girlfriends within a month of each other and during those first few months our conversations would be dominated by the nuances and the characteristics of our girls. Dating a Mexican is very different from dating a girl from the US or the UK, mostly good of course, but different nonetheless. Because of the way in which the world is changing there are more people from different countries who are dating each other, and in turn learning more about their cultures and characteristics. With this in mind I wanted to share my experiences of having a Mexican girlfriend, to offer some tips if you happen to meet a girl from this corner of the world.

Forget the Clock

Not all stereotypes are true when people use them to talk about different cultures, but there are some which are right on the money and that is definitely the case with Mexicans. You need to accept that if you are late she’s going to be pretty mad, but if she is late than that is entirely acceptable. You also need to accept that if someone says that there is a party at 8, don’t expect to be arriving any time before 10pm, that’s just the way things go.


Another stereotype which I can most certainly concur with is that Mexican girls, in the main at least, very quickly move between the emotional scale. This explosive personality can be difficult to keep up with but the saving grace here is that it is often over in a heartbeat. If your girlfriend gets mad then she’ll release a bomb of emotion and then it is done with, no grudges, no more arguments. What I love about this is that although they are volatile when it comes to the angry side of things, when it comes to the loving side of things they are just as strong with their emotion and they can give you a depth of love which you may never have experienced. In all honesty this can be a real emotional rollercoaster ride which you must prepare for.


It was only when I left the UK that I realized how proud I am to be from that part of the world, and much of this was inspired by my Mexican girlfriend. In my experience Mexicans are fiercely proud of were they come from, their heritage and the traditions from the civilization which occupied Mexico in the past. This is something which is amazing to see and it also serves as a lesson on how to act around many of them. We like to make sarcastic jokes but I have learned that there are some things which are off limits when it comes to joking around with my girlfriend. She is not massively sensitive of course, but there is a line which I won’t be crossing when it comes to her nation and her people.

All told you are going to love being in a relationship with a Mexican girl, just remember these tips.