South Bay Energy – How to Reduce Energy Bills

There are some bills which we have to pay each month which are simply non-negotiable such as rent or mortgage payments, and many think that energy costs fall under this banner too. The good news is that it really doesn’t and there are lots of ways in which you can reduce the monthly costs of your energy bills. In order to get you the best tips on how to reduce your energy bills, we spoke to the team at South Bay Energy to get some insider info about how you can slash the cost of your energy bills.

Switch and Save

South Bay offer great deals on energy prices and they told us that many of their customers have actually come from other providers, because they can offer the lowest prices. This is something which you can certainly employ to in order to save some money on your monthly bills. If you don’t live in the area where South Bay Energy operate then you should head online to a comparison website, find out who is offering the lowest deals and then switch and save.

Replacing Lightbulbs

The guys at South Bay had some great information around energy saving and one of the most surprising was to simply switch your light bulbs. If you install LED light bulbs in your home then you could save up to $300 on each bulb over the course of its lifetime, a huge saving.

Sealing Up

When a home is properly sealed it can ensure that the cold stays out and the hot stays in which helps to save huge amounts of money on energy bills. If even 1% of the hot air is escaping it can cost huge amounts of money each year in lost heat, and this is something which happens to many people. The solution is to ensure that windows, doors and loft hatches are all well sealed to ensure that the heat inside the home is not escaping.


Appliances like fridges, freezers and dishwashers are key ingredients in many homes but they could be costing huge amounts of cash each year when they do not need to. South Bay Energy spoke a lot about this when we discussed it with them, and recommended that people invest in energy-friendly appliances, which can save consumers up to $360 per year. These appliances have a variety of settings which ensure that they use less energy, in turn saving the consumer more money.


Loft and cavity wall insulation doesn’t just keep a property warmer, it also maintains a cool temperature in warm weather. In many cases people find that they don’t need to switch the heating on because the home is already at a good temperature, this is because of the high quality insulation which they have. A one-time investment which can save a lot of money.

These tips can help everyone to save a lot of money on their energy bills.