4 Unique Valentine’s Gifts Your Loved One Will Actually Use!

Finding the right, unique gift for your loved one is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. While you can’t go wrong with a pair of Simply Whispers silver hoop earrings, this year you might be looking for something a little more unique, or even useful! 

We offer 4 unique and quick gifts you can grab in time for Valentine’s Day that your loved one will truly appreciate.

1. Home Gym Equipment

With Valentine’s Day being celebrated near the start of the year, there’s a chance your partner is still on the ‘New Year, New Me’ bandwagon. With everything from pull-up bars to at-home squat racks available, now is the ideal time to start setting up a home gym. This can become a new way for couples to help motivate each other.

With working from home more popular than ever and health concerns about using the gym being commonplace nowadays, more people than ever are looking for unique ways to work out at home. 

2. A Trip To The Wineries

A twist on the classic. Wine, chocolate, flowers, are staples on Valentine’s Day for a reason and while we want to offer some unique options we don’t want to take these favorites off the cards completely. For some, days like these are an excuse to indulge, so why not take a wine tasting trip. With a little research you may be able to make it a weekend away with some wineries offering a nights stay on the property as part of the package.

3. Build A Website

When you have budget concerns, quite often an online list of ‘Unique Valentine’s gifts’ can seem out of reach. An inexpensive way to support and motivate your loved one can be to build them a website/blog. With people looking for new ways of making money online you can help your partner turn their passion into a small business.

For as little as $10 (+$5.99 per month for website hosting*) you can buy a relevant website name, also known as a domain name, install WordPress and create a basic site, even as a complete beginner. This can be done in less than a day and with a few youtube tutorials, your partner is sure to love the effort you made.

*Pricing is taken from Godaddy’s United States pricing page.

4. Memberships & Gift Cards

Putting your knowledge to the test. If your partner has a hobby they always wished they picked up or a particular passion they don’t often have time for then why not encourage them to indulge? A membership to a local group/club, a gift card for a rare treat, or the ticket to a favourite show. This could be a gift for one, allowing you both to relax in your own way. Or a new experience for you both.

While it’s not the most romantic side of Valentine’s Day we hope to have offered unique Valentine’s gifts for readers with a range of budget and time-constraints, available or creatable in 24 hours.

Now, go & gift!