3 NEW Lifestyle Changes to Make in 2022!

‘New year, new me’ sound familiar? With around 80% of people having given up on their New Year’s resolutions by February we are encouraging you to set goals that you can tick off throughout the year, even to set smaller, monthly goals. 

There is often a lot of pressure to start achieving your goals from the first day of the year, or the week or the month but don’t put it off. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing and it’s ok to spend time preparing to hit your goals.

Here are a few lifestyle changes that you can start today.

Find An Excercise

A gym membership is an obvious way to kick off a new year, but by February most of us are over it. You might be tempted to give up entirely but you know deep down that’s not the solution. You started with the right intention and you shouldn’t like demotivation getting in the way.

Admitting that the gym isn’t right for you might be the first step. The next however is finding a form of exercise that is. Perhaps a group class, aerobics, Zumba, yoga. Gather some friends from the office and make your own club. Or find a local badminton court and coach each other once or twice a week.

If you need more time to yourself, start your morning with a walk around the block or set out on a hike each weekend. Walking can act as a form of mediation for high-energy people. 

Some of the best hybrid event platform are now being used to host online classes. Don’t be afraid to invest in some home workout equipment and get involved in a virtual peloton or marathon.

Check Your Health

Health issues are often something we push to the side, hoping they’ll pass oftentimes meaning aliments becoming a way of life for some. With the importance of exercise well known, people are taking more of an interest in the role diet plays in not only their physical fitness but their mental health. 

Balancing hormones can be aided with the right adjustments to your diet and even things like changing the time that you eat and help improve your sleeping pattern. Making sure your diet meets your specific needs, for example, finding the best probiotic diet plan, can make vast improvements to your daily life. 

Relocate Your Job

If you’re current job it’s right for you, or living in the same area all your life is starting to get to you, then why not up sticks and move? A new job, a new town, a new city, new friends, a new job, whatever it is you are looking for is available. 

If you’re happy with your job but still fancy a change of scenery then talk to your boss about moving to another branch in a new city. This will help you to keep motivated in your work, something your employer will appreciate. After one meeting you could be looking for the best moving companies los angeles!

Good luck!