3 Business Secrets Coffee Shop Owners NEED To Know!

Setting up any shop requires a lot of planning, but setting up a brick-and-mortar business involves so many extra steps that it’s not uncommon for some important tasks to slip through the cracks. Caught up focusing on real estate, suppliers, service staff, MONEY! The overwhelming list continues to grow.

Not wanting to add to your stress, we hope this list not only incorporates a few items you may have overlooked. But also a few ways to get the word out and help you to grow.

1. Safety At Work

Coffee shop work is ideal for students in need of a little extra cash as the hours are often part-time. This is ideal for new businesses as it allows them to keep hours and costs low. However, as the business grows owners often find, particularly in coffee shops, that customers appreciate a familiar face in the morning. The happy smile of a barista that knows their order and that they do not want to talk until after their first sip. Finding the right employee is essential.

But what about keeping them? Happy employees create happy customers, and the most important way of keeping an employee happy is to keep them safe. This is often overlooked and the result of this can end a business. Don’t let repairs go unfixed, host monthly employee training sessions, and have regular health and safety checks. Not only will these help your business to serve its customers but they will make you a better business owner. Opening you up to the needs of your team and hopefully reducing the possibility of extortionate costs, should something go wrong.

For more information on the importance of safety at work, click here.

2. Setting Up A Website

Websites open up a new world of possibilities for your store. Companies like BluRoot use their website like an online shop, working alongside their in-person business. Whether you think you need a site initially or not they are becoming a necessary tool to grow a business in 2022 so why wait. They can function as an advertising platform, source of income, even a CRM (customer relationship management) tool to help you manage deliveries.

Consider branding and selling your coffee beans at your store and online. 

3. Marketing Your Shop

Coffee beans aren’t your only opportunity to explore branding your business. When you’ve collected a few regulars you can get to know more about their needs, branch out into travel mugs. 

It’s important to take full advantage of opening day. Host an event, create flyers and ask to post them in local shops. Include a free sample or a rewards system to keep people coming back. 

With small businesses experiencing tough times, it doesn’t hurt to explore all your marketing options. Here are a few options we recommend; get the word out on social media, post regular quality content online, even organize a weekly meet-up. 
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