What to Look for in a Cosmetic Surgeon?

When it comes to looking for a cosmetic surgeon you need someone who is going to deliver high quality results and who gives you confidence in their work. With so many options this is a tough thing to find, but as long as you understand what to look for in a surgeon, you will be halfway to finding the right one for you. Last year I helped a friend of mine find a surgeon to carry out lip augmentation Chicago has a great number of specialists in that field, and we managed to find a great option for here which worked out really well.

There is always a fear associated with going in for cosmetic surgery, perhaps that the result won’t be as desired or worse still something going wrong. Getting the right cosmetic surgeon will help to greatly reduce that risk, and here is what you should be looking out for.


One of the single best ways to find a high quality surgeon is to seek recommendations. If you have friends or family members who have had the same procedure as you are going to have then ask who did it and what they thought. Another great way to find out about different surgeons is to follow them on social media. They will always share their successes of course, but it is important to remember that if anyone has had a bad experience, they will soon be venting about it on social media channels.


You should never go for the cosmetic surgeon which has the lowest prices, this is simply because there must be a reason behind that, be it a lack of experience or perhaps even a low quality OR. The highest priced cosmetic surgeons will be those with a lifetime of experience and those in a very pricy zip code, in reality you pay for the zip code in most cases. What you should be aiming for then is a surgeon who charges somewhere in the middle of what most charge in your area.


Once you have identified some of the cosmetic surgeons which you think could be the right fit for you, the next step is to have some meetings with them. You have to feel confident and comfortable with the surgeon and you should always ensure that they have great communication. For those who come out with results which they weren’t expecting, this usually happens because of poor communication in the outset. There is no problem with meeting multiple surgeons and then telling them you will think about it before meeting with another, this is about your surgery.


Whilst many surgeons can turn their hand to most cosmetic procedures, they will each have their own specialization and for safety’s sake it is always best that you find a surgeon who specializes in the procedure which you are looking to have completed.

Spend time on finding the right fit for you, and a surgeon who makes you feel confident and comfortable.