When it Comes To Short Term Corporate Housing Washington DC Always Gets It Right

As someone who has pent a great amount of time around this country staying in short term corporate housing Washington DC is by far and away the place which offers the best. I have been racking my brains to think about why this city gets it so right, especially when you would consider the likes of Chicago, New York or perhaps even Boston to have much better, or at least similar standards. The only conclusion which I can draw is that in DC they receive a lot of politicians and bureaucrats or advisors from around the world, and perhaps the standard is higher because of that.

When I say ‘get it right’ this is what I’m talking about.

Cozy and Homely

The reason why people would shun a hotel in favor of a corporate rental is that they are looking for a slice of home from home. Now in New York you get luxury and some level of plush or cool design, bur there is never that homely feel. Equally in the likes of Boston you get chic designs but never that true coziness. Here in DC that is what I have found each and every time, well thought out designs which are about practicality with style, not under it.

All About The Location

Strangely I would suggest that it is easier to find a property in New York with perfect location, because the entire city is a breeding ground for adventure and excitement. With DC however, this is a place which is much larger and much more spread out, and that makes picking an ideal location which is close to the action slightly more difficult, or at least s you would think. I have always stayed in fantastic areas which are completely accessible to wherever I happen to be working and close to the action.


I like it when a corporate rental is managed by a single person who is looking after it, this makes everything easier should you need any changes or any level of flexibility. What I have found in so many cities around the country however is poor customer spice bordering on the rude. This hasn’t happened every time of course, but each time that it has taken place, it has been in the likes of Chicago and New York, quite unbelievable in fact. I would have thought that people would be slightly colder in DC but that is not the case at all and I have always felt the warmth and support of those managing the rental.


Now I must confess that I rarely pay for the short term rental, that is often taken care of by the company, but price is still important. When compared to New York and Boston, the short term corporate rentals in DC are way cheaper and when you consider what I have said about the standard, that is probably the most surpassing fact of them all.

If you are going to DC then you should certainly be on the lookout for a short term rental.