Before And After Your Exterminator Visit, What Should You Be Doing

If you have a pest problem at home, or you’re wondering how to get rid of dead animal smell and you have sought the help of a professional exterminator, the preparation ahead of the visit is very important. Not only this however, there is also some after care which you will be responsible for, and this is something which some are guilty of forgetting about. The reason why it is so important that you prepare well for this visit is so that the exterminator can get to all areas of the property and get rid of the pests, a messy house doesn’t help with this. Looking at what to do after the exterminator sprays, this is essential so that you can continue to have a pest-free property.

Let’s take a look then at exactly what you should be doing with regards to this visit.

Prior to the Visit

The preparation that you should be doing will depend on what the exact pest problem you have. Before we get into the specifics however, there is great importance here, no matter what the pest is, on a clean property. As mentioned above, this is essential in helping the exterminator to do the best job that they can. Now let’s look at the prep you should be doing depending on what pest is causing the issue.

  • Rodents – If you have rodents then you need to make sure that you have repaired any holes which they may have put in the walls. Also make sure to clear the top and bottom of the fridge, and have a good clean.
  • Bed Bugs – If you have bed bugs then it is essential that you wash sheets, mattresses and any personal items which have been near the bed. Wash these on the hottest wash possible.
  • Termites – If termites are causing the issue then it is recommended that you don’t have any furniture within 3 feet of the walls. If there are issues inside closets then be sure to empty them ahead of the exterminator’s arrival.

What You Should Be Doing After The Treatment

Once the exterminator has been and has sprayed the property or left bait for the pests, it is first important that you keep an eye on the health of both you and your pets. sprays and baits rarely cause issues but it is possible.

Keeping the place clean following the visit is also essential in securing the long term effects of the pest control treatment. Be sure that food in particular is not left out and that any food mess and waste is dealt with swiftly. The sprays which are used these days are much safer than they ever have been which also means they can take a little more time to work. In light of this it will also be a prudent idea to keep checking on the traps and the sprayed areas to see if there are any signs that it is working. This could take four to six weeks and if you do find dead pests, that means that the treatment is working well.

The better that you prepare, the better that the treatment will work, and the sooner you’ll be pest free.