Types Of Industries That Recruit The Most Number Of Temporary Employees

Industry recruitment can be of various types depending on the requirement of the industry and the job. Alongside the large-scale permanent recruitments, plenty of industries also hire on a temporary basis. Most of the temporary hiring is sometimes done with the help of employer of record companies to manage the additional load of work during the high business seasons. However, sometimes the very nature of the work also requires temporary hiring. Temporary hiring has always been one of the primary components of recruitment in the market. Here are some of the industries that contribute considerably when it comes to hiring people on a contractual basis.


According to the studies, the healthcare sector is the one domain that recruits a huge number of temporary employees regardless of the time of the year. Job opportunities in the healthcare sector remain open for almost the entire wear. And many of these positions are offered on a contractual basis. Even the doctors are often hired on a temporary basis. This hiring pattern allows the doctors to be flexible and the clinics and hospitals to run at a low cost as well. Hence, the healthcare sector is one of the largest contributors to temporary service providers.

Information Technology

The information technology industry is another domain that employs highly skilled people with knowledge in a specialized field. It is one of the primary sectors that recruit plenty of contract-basis employees throughout the year. In this way, the employees serve their term and look for better opportunities in the market while the company also does not have to pay the employee once the project gets over. Besides cutting the cost of operation for the company, this arrangement also keeps the supply of skilled professionals floating in the market, stabilizing the hiring prices.

Industrial Support

The industry support services also hire plenty of temporary workers throughout the year. The number of such recruitments has been rising with the rise in demand worldwide. For example, during the festive seasons, the eCommerce platforms witness a business volume surge that goes back to its normal volume immediately after the festivities are gone. Hence, the companies hire a set of contractual employees for operational support during the celebrations.

Legal Service

Legal service is another domain that employs plenty of temporary staff to manage the clerical tasks and office works. Since lawyers mostly stay engaged with cases, all the file works, documentation related tasks, and other day-to-day office operations are generally managed by a team of temporary employees capable of handling such detailed task.

No matter which industry it is, hiring the right person for any task is critical for optimal outcomes. Here comes the importance of the temporary staffing agencies that browse through the existing database to find the most suitable candidate for any position regardless of the industry.

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