Kami Hoss on The Benefits of Using Braces

Dental braces or brackets are something which dentists all over the country use to help people to have straighter teeth. Contrary to what many people think, braces can be used on people of all ages and even adults can still see a great many benefits from using dental braces to fix outstanding dental issues. We spoke to the man they call a super dentist Kami Hoss about the many benefits of using braces to sort your teeth out, and what you can expect from the process.

The Results

Braces and invisible braces are used in a wide number of dental treatments, always with the same overall goal, to put teeth straight.  The way in which braces work is to attach a small metal bracket on to each of teeth which will be affected, and then threading a thin, strong and flexible metal cable between these brackets. Once the cable is in place, the dentist will tighten the cable to the desired strength. Prior to placing the brackets, the dentist will make a review of your teeth, and look at the best places to put these bracket, to get the desired effect.

How Painful?

Having the braces put on is not painful in the slightest and you will not even need any kind of anesthetic or pain drug. The brackets are attached to your teeth using a very strong adhesive, and then the tightening of the cable simply feels slightly uncomfortable. Having the brackets removed on the other hand can be quite painful and you will be given some medication for the pain ahead of the removal.

How Long?

The length of time in which you have the braces on is very dependent on how far the teeth will need to move, and how reactive they are to the braces. In some cases your dentist may apply braces for 6 months and then re-align the brackets after this time, to continue with the movement of your teeth that they are trying to achieve. In other cases, you may find that the braces are placed for a year or more, and then a retainer added to the teeth which is a removable brace that will simply help to maintain the new shape of the teeth.


There is a common stigma around people with braces because they think that they are ugly or unsightly. This occurs more amongst children than adults, but even adults aren’t too keen on having braces put on. The best way to think about this is to simply focus on the end game, and having that perfect smile which you have been wanting. Braces are only temporary and they will be off before you know it, ignore any stigmas which may be out there, this is a highly effective and intelligent way for you to fix the shape of your teeth for good.