Westside Family Church Lenexa KS on Why Your Positivity Will Improve When You Go To Church

Do you go to church regularly? If not then whilst it isn’t of course a prerequisite in the eyes of God – you can worship from anywhere after all – it is something which will give you  afar more positive outlook on life. Being positive comes with many rewards in both your personal and professional life and if you want to change your outlook to a positive one, it is important that you understand the power that heading to church regularly can have on your outlook. We caught up with some of the congregation at the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS, to find out why church has the power to turn your attitude into one which is immensely positive.


The first thing to bear in mind is that the church is a tight community which supports all of the members within it. In a community environment we have many more people to help us during tough times, we can call on people to support us and most importantly, we can do good fro others inside the community. In so many places around the world we have seen the community become eroded, in the church however, this is still something which is going strong.

Helping Others

Helping others can give you a very positive attitude and a positive outlook on your life because it will put things into perspective for you. What this means is that those issues which you thought were so important, suddenly don’t seem as important anymore. Within the church family you will have a great many chances to dedicate your time to helping others.


The Bible and the teachings of the gospel are incredibly positive stories of humanity and life lessons to be happier. If you ask the average Christian how much they study their Bibles, it is likely that very few of them actually do, which is not a sin by any means. However, heading to church each week and hearing these positive stories from your reverend or pastor, can be super uplifting and result in you leaving church feeling cleanses, wiser and ultimately happier. This is just another reason why going to church regularly can have a huge impact on your overall positive attitude.


Those who have a negative attitude to things are generally those who lack belief, not necessarily in God or religion, but a belief that things can and will be better than they are. In the church environment, the whole ethos is packed with belief, the belief in a higher power, the belief in ourselves and the belief that there is a positive future for both humanity and the world. Being surrounded by and involved in this belief will rub off on you and contribute towards you having a far more positive outlook on your life.

If you want to be more positive, start turning up at church each week.