Brennan & Clark Llc on Avoiding Collection Phone Calls

Debt is something that when not managed properly, can have a devastating impact on your life. For many people they entered into credit in good faith before letting things get out of control, borrowing more and then realizing that they are living under a mountain of debt, which they feel as though they cannot get out of. People with heavy debt issues have been known to have mental breakdowns, lose relationships and even jobs, all terrible effects of such a financial situation. Unfortunately, when many people get to the point where they cannot pay their debts, they try to ignore the debt, and ignore letters and hone calls from credit agencies like Brennan & Clark LLC, this is one of the worst things that you can do. If you have found yourself in this boat, here is why you should never ignore communication from your creditors.

Costing More

The first reason why you shouldn’t ignore calls from your creditors is because doing so could see you with a much higher debt than you had previously. This is because failure to pay and failure to communicate with your creditors will see you hit with financial penalties and additional interest charges. The fact that you can’t afford the debt now means that you most certainly won’t be able to afford it when the value of it rises.

Added Stress

Believe it or not, ignoring these calls actually adds to your stress levels surrounding your debts. Many people think that ignorance is bliss but it simply is not the case and repeatedly ignoring the phone when it rings, throwing away letters and being blasé to the process will do more harm than good. There is also the unknown which will stress you out, you have no idea what the creditor will say and you will probably think that it is worse than it really is.

No Shortcuts

With a few minor exceptions, the only way out of debt is to pay it, be that as agreed, or over a longer period of time. There are some situations whereby debt would be wiped out, but these are in more extreme cases. This is why you should be speaking openly and honestly with your creditors, letting them know your situation and making agreements with them to change the way in which you pay, and most importantly how much you will be paying.


It is very important to remember that these creditors don’t want to be chasing you for debts, and they would much rather make accommodations on your account, than waste time and money with phone calls and letters. Many people will ignore creditors because they think that they will come around and take their TV or sofa for payment, this is highly unlikely, especially with respected financial institutions.

Speak with your creditors, maintain your honesty when discussing your personal finance situation, and you will find that the stress will be lowered, and you can get to work on paying those debts off.