Mistakes to Avoid on a Hunting Trip

Source: Unsplash | Sebastian Pociecha

It’s very easy to make mistakes when hunting. When you’re out in the woods with nothing but your kit and wits, even the smallest mistake can ruin your adventure. Some of the most common mistakes are simple to make but can be avoided by making sure that you get your prep right. Hunting any kind of animal is a thrilling experience, and the less opportunity there is for mistakes and errors, the better your time will be. If you’d rather spend more time getting closer to nature than worrying about making some of the classic mistakes of beginner hunters, here’s what you need to remember.

Not Scouting

If you get too cocky and think that you can just head out and set up then you’re going to have a bad time. Scouting is essential if you want the best hunting experience. Make sure that you scout your hunting area before hunting season begins. Remember to:

  • Walk the area
  • Check your stands
  • Check animal food sources
  • Locate and mark animal trails
  • Search for animal bedding areas

A lack of scouting means that you will inevitably end up wasting at least a day.

Don’t ignore the wind

The wind is an animal’s best defense against a hunter, so you ignore it at your peril. Pay attention to wind direction and speed so that your scent is not being taken directly into the path of the animal that you’re hoping to spot. Dismiss the importance of wind, and you’ll never spot what you’re hoping to hunt.

Overdoing Scent Control

Just as you wouldn’t bathe in cologne on the day of prom, so too should you avoid using animal scents over-zealously. While a dash of doe or buck urine can entice a deer into your sightlines, too much will be an immediate red flag and cause them to flee before you can take your shot.

Wearing the right gear

One of the most common mistakes is not taking the weather into account when packing your clothing. Depending on the hunting season, it can get very cold on a hunt, especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of time getting settled in one place. Make sure that you have the best cold weather hunting clothes from professional recognized suppliers like SKRE. You’ll be grateful for it when you’re wrapped up warm and comfortably settled in a prime hunting spot.

Lack of practice

This is one of the most common mistakes that even seasoned hunters fall prey to. That’s because shooting any kind of weapon needs constant updates on familiarity. It’s not like riding a bike, as your skills will certainly become rusty if you don’t get some practice hours. This is even truer if you have just invested in a new rifle or bow. Get used to your weapon of choice before you head off on a hunt and you’ll aim much more comfortably and be more likely to hit what you’re hoping to hit.

Getting practice in is crucial for making sure you not only have an enjoyable experience but also not an expensive one in terms of rounds used because the higher your accuracy, the fewer rounds you will have to fire off. It is also a key to safety as well, Some incidents, often deadly ones, have occurred when stray bullets have hit people out of the shooter’s sight. Practising shooting a target using a gadget like a Red Dot Sight is a highly advised way of getting to grips with shooting.