Enjoy a Trip to the World’s Greatest City – Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan offers a lot of places for tourists allowing them to make the trip a memorable one. However, those who visit the place for the first time should focus more on planning a trip in advance for overcoming complications. Another thing is that it will help a lot to experience peace of mind while planning a trip to Tokyo. Although there are several things to do in Tokyo, there are certain things to keep in mind before planning a trip which will ultimately help to accomplish goals.

Here are some important places to visit in Tokyo and visitors can get more details about them in detail from various sources.

  1. Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple is one of the oldest and most visited religious sites in Tokyo. It attracts a lot of visitors from various parts of the world every year. There is a belief that the temple will provide more happiness and mercy to a person in life. Moreover, the temple structures are very beautiful that make the site a unique one. It is advisable to visit the temple in the early morning or late night to avoid the crowd.

  1. Shinjuku Gyoen National Park

Shinjuku Gyoen National Park covers evergreen space in 144 acres that incorporates the landscape in three styles- The French Formal, Japanese Traditional, and English Garden. It is an ideal place for those who want to relax their mind from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

  1. Tokyo Sea Life Park

Tokyo Sea Life Park is a well-designed aquarium which features numeric habitats allowing visitors to know them in detail. It is possible to find a variety of fishes in the park thereby showing ways to gain more knowledge.

  1. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is one of the attractions to see because it resembles the Eiffel Tower of France which stands at 1, 092 feet. It also covers a café and club 333 which hosts performances daily. The best time to visit the tower is at night because it lights up beautifully in different colours.

  1. Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum is the right place for tourists to know more about the culture of Japan. It includes a variety of things allowing visitors to gather information on the art and other things. However, visitors have to spend more time after entering the museum because it is the largest one.

Travel tips to Tokyo

  1. Using ATM

Yen is the currency used in Japan and exchanging the same in banks will lead to high rates. Therefore, it is advisable to withdraw money from the ATMs directly instead of visiting a bank.

7-bank offers the best currency rates in Japan and one can find the bank’s ATM in important places across Tokyo.

  1. Public transportation

The public transportation system in Tokyo is super-efficient due to the overground and underground rail network. Furthermore, it covers bus transport to various parts of the city allowing visitors to access them with ease. A rechargeable travel card is available for visitors and they can buy one from any ticket machine.

  1. Learning some Japanese words

Not everyone in Tokyo speaks English or other languages and visitors should try to learn some simple Japanese words for communication purposes. It is advisable to take a dictionary that has Japanese sentences with English translation. Nowadays, there are several translation apps available for visitors enabling them to frame some basic sentences.

  1. Getting a Wi-Fi device

There are only a few places in Tokyo that offer Wi-Fi services and one should consider buying a device along with a SIM card. At the same time, it is advisable to know the rates and plans before purchasing a device.

  1. Public restrooms

Public restrooms in Tokyo are well-equipped with the latest features and maintained in good condition. Visitors can use them for overcoming discomforts and other problems on a trip.

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in some areas

Tokyo has many non-smoking areas and visitors should know them properly while making a trip. This, in turn, gives ways to prevent fines and other legal actions.

  1. Tattoo people are not welcomed

Many inhabitants in Japan believe that tattoos have a strong connection with criminal activities. People who have tattoos are not welcomed in Tokyo because they are not allowed to enter in some places.

  1. Keeping to the left

Japanese people drive vehicles and walk on the left side and visitors should follow the same rules when using public stairways.

  1. It rains often in Tokyo

Tokyo has a tropical climate and visitors have to face rain problems often. Therefore, it is a wise one to carry an umbrella while making a trip to Tokyo.

  1. Small earthquakes are common in Tokyo

Earthquakes can strike anytime in the capital city of Japan and visitors should follow the safety measures for managing them with ease.

  1. Providing tip is a rude practice

It is advisable not to tip anyone when visiting a hotel or restaurant. This is because many hotel authorities believe that it is a rude practice.

  1. Wearing Surgical Masks

Tokyo has high pollution levels and it is highly recommended to wear surgical masks while walking on the roads.

Budget hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world and visitors should hire budget hotels on a trip. There are many hotels in Tokyo which offer packages at reasonable prices. One should get details about hotels from different sources including online that can help to save more money.

A lot of websites enable tourists to compare the rates of budget hotels online which give ways to choose the right one accordingly. Another thing is that they offer discounts on the packages that can reduce expenses to a large extent. Moreover, a budget hotel is well-equipped with modern amenities allowing visitors to ensure a better accommodation.

It is necessary to read the terms and conditions of a website while booking a hotel online. In addition, visitors can compare the prices in one place enabling them to book a hotel that suits their budgets and requirements.