Attract and Keep the Elusive Attention of Your Retail Store Clients

Humans are visually oriented creatures. Their eyes naturally gravitate towards what is pleasing and beautiful. Even babies are known to respond better to good looking visual stimuli. This is the primary reason why many marketers take great pains in creating attractive custom product packaging that serves as a feast for the eyes of their target clientele. With so many different products out there, companies have to find ways and means to get noticed by consumers. They also have to work hard to keep their attention. As a business owner, what can you do to get the attention of consumers, while they are physically shopping in your retail store? Find out more below:

Use Attractive Displays

Make sure that you have attractive displays that are arranged neatly and orderly because these displays have the power to attract the elusive attention of your clients. The nature of these displays can vary between industries, but they rely on the core basic concept of increasing purchases. You can choose many different display methods from cardboard display stands, LED displays, POS displays, counter displays, poster displays, storefront window displays, and more. One of the most effective displays would have to be those on your promotional materials, like umbrellas, face caps, key-holders, Custom Styrofoam Cups, and personalized hand-fans which you hand out to your customers/clients. These displays give additional information about your company to your clients.

It is important to note that the quality of the information that you provide within can have a profound impact on sales. Since you only have a small window of opportunity, you have to work hard in making sure that your message is solid and can be understood in a short amount of time. Your display is a custom creative marketing method that has the power to give your store a competitive edge. It is also a marketing strategy that can increase brand awareness and the impulse buying potential of your clients. Clearly, these displays work well to increase the sales of your business which, in turn, boosts your company’s profits.

Offer Product Samples

Everybody loves freebies. Product sampling is a great way for you to introduce your goods to clients so they can help understand your brand better. By offering free product samples in your retail stores, you get to create a sense of brand loyalty in your previous or existing clients. In the same token, you are able to entice new clients to buy your brand.

With product sampling, your clients can see, feel, touch, smell, or even taste what you have to offer. Their ability to use their senses to explore your product offerings play a huge role in their decision-making process. If you invest a little in offering free product samples, you will be amazed at the results of how much clients you can actually tap to patronize your brand because nothing works better than product sampling to generate interest.

Provide Instant Coupons

Some clients come to your retail store just to browse. But why let them leave empty-handed? Be sure to have your sales associates ready to introduce them to your new or best-selling products. Have printed coupons ready to be given out. This coupon can be a free product that can be redeemed with a purchase, or it can be an actual monetary discount.

This method works really well on both old and new clients because people love getting good deals and discounts, enticing them to keep on coming back to purchase even more products.  Providing coupons is also a great way for you to offload older inventory before its expiration date. It also reduces advertising expenses because it is a print ad in itself. Above all, it will help you identify potential customers because you can ask them to write their contact details in the coupon upon redemption.

Entice with Clever Packaging

The packaging of your products actually serves a dual purpose: it protects your item during transit and it acts as an extra marketing method. Having a beautifully designed custom packaging for your product has the capability of showcasing the personality of your brand. The fact that it is custom also means that your products will fit perfectly inside, lessening the risk of damage.

If you want to attract people to keep on shopping, make sure that the attractive packaging lures them in. If you use a boring, plain cardboard box, it will not excite your target audience. Going for something more innovative will catch more attention, increase brand recognition, and drive up your sales. Pretty packages also make their way to social media because of their cuteness, which means you can expand your reach by making sure more people hear about your business.