Bingo: How to Maximise Your Winnings

Whilst bingo has often been unjustly stereotyped an “old person” hobby, it has become increasingly popular with people of all age groups in more recent years. Bingo is a fun and exciting game in which you can potentially win large cash prizes. Online bingo has become especially popular, largely due to its convenience factor, as well as the social side chat rooms bring to the game.

Whilst games like Bingo Clash should undoubtedly be treated as a hobby rather than a means of income, winning at the game is always going to be fun, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to increase your chances of getting that cash prize. There are a number of ways in which you can start to maximise your winnings.

Be strategic

Whilst many people would argue that bingo is simply a game of chance, those who tend to win frequently would probably tell you that having a good winning strategy for bingo is essential. Finding a good winning strategy that works for you will most likely come down to trial and error. However, one key strategy that many avid bingo players swear by, is choosing tickets that have more median numbers. This relates to the Tippett theory, which is based on the “perfect average”. Simply put, this theory suggests that as more numbers are called within a game of bingo, the more these numbers will gravitate towards the middle of the number range. So, by choosing a ticket that contains more median numbers, a player increases his or her chances of winning the game.

Another common, and simple, winning strategy is to opt to play games at quieter, less popular times. By decreasing the number of competitors you are up against, you will in turn increase your likelihood of winning. However, it is worth noting that fewer players may consequently result in the cash prize for that particular game being reduced to a smaller sum, but this is dependent on how the prizes are funded, and on the bingo company that you are playing the game with.

Buy more tickets

An easy way to increase your bingo winnings is by buying more tickets. The more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning are. Whilst one ticket allows you only one shot at winning, five tickets allows you five shots at winning. A key issue with this, however, is of course cost. Buying multiple tickets per game has potential to become very costly, so be sure to set personal budgets for yourself and stick to them to avoid your spending getting out of hand. It is also worth noting that whilst keeping an eye on one ticket is easy, keeping an eye on several can get very tricky!

Use a bingo dabber

Regardless of how many tickets you have, a bingo dabber, or a felt tip pen, is a great, and probably essential, way to keep on top of your tickets if you are playing a real game of bingo as opposed to an online one. It is all too easy to miss out on winning by falling behind on which numbers have already been called, and which haven’t.

Embrace chat rooms

Bingo chat rooms are not only a fun and great way to socialise with other bingo enthusiasts, but also a brilliant tool to improve your chances of winning a game. Many chat hosts run extra games which you can get involved with, allowing you the chance to win free tickets and extra prizes. Furthermore, experienced bingo players will sometimes share tips, tricks and advice in chat rooms, giving you greater knowledge and understanding of the game, and helping you to do even better next time.

Big Jackpots

Many bingo websites offer the chance to win big jackpot prizes. This is hugely popular with many online bingo players, especially because you are often able to buy tickets for jackpot games in advance and don’t even have to be online for the game itself. These large jackpots provide an easy chance to maximise your winnings.

The online bingo world has helped to open the game up to a wider audience, allowing people to play in a new and uber convenient way. There is more potential than ever to win big, with thousands of games available just at the tap of a finger, and many online resources to aid you in your knowledge of the game. However, whether you play online or in-person, the strategies needed to maximise your winnings are much the same, and whether you an online or an in-person bingo player, it is still as important to make sure you do not fall into the bad habit of becoming overly serious about maximising your winnings. Winning a game is of course fun, but playing bingo just for the sake of playing bingo is undoubtedly fun too.