4 Facts All Classic Car Owners Should Know

Classic cars are awesome. They looked cool back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and time, if anything, time has only added to their mystique. But while classic cars are undeniably cool, there are some things that all prospective car owners should understand about these vintage vehicles. To that end, today we’re going to share four facts that all classic car owners need to know before they make a big investment. Check them out here:

Classic Cars Don’t Always Appreciate in Value

Certain classic muscle cars like the Dodge Charger or the Ford Mustang are likely to remain popular for many years to come. These are wonderful vehicles that had large fanbases in the past, and they’ve continued to capture the imagination of gearheads ever since. However, it’s unwise to buy a classic car with the sole intention of “flipping” it for more money. While cars like the aforementioned Charger or the Mustang are unlikely to drop in value significantly, there’s no guarantee that a classic-car investment will appreciate over time. Indeed, a rare and valuable classic car may be even more difficult to flip because of the relatively small market for it.

Many States Limit Classic Car Use

Classic cars are products of their time, which means that their engines typically fall well short of modern emissions standards. Because of this, many states have a limit for how much classic car owners can drive their vehicle on an annual basis. Check out your state’s regulations for more information on this matter.

Classic Cars are Hard to Drive

If you’ve never driven a classic car before, then get ready for a bit of a shock. Indeed, driving a classic car is a bit like learning to drive all over again. Classic cars of yesteryear lack amenities like four-wheel drive, power steering, and automatic transmission that modern drivers often take for granted. The good news is that you can choose to upgrade parts of your classic car to make it ride smoother than before.

Classic Cars Must be Stored Properly

Under no circumstances should classic cars be left out in the elements for extended periods of time –– particularly during the winter. One of the biggest threats to a classic car’s functionality is rust. And the bad news is that it doesn’t take all that long for rust to irreparably damage a vehicle’s body. So always store your classic car in a warm, dry place, but if you happen to purchase a classic car with rust or other age related damage, you can always seek professional services like Santa Rosa body shop to restore the car to it’s original form.


Owning a classic car is a lot of fun –– as long as you understand how to maintain it. The good news is that you can always contact a professional for classic car restoration services if need be. Partnering up with a trusted restoration shop is a great way to ensure your car looks and drives perfect.