Renovating Bathroom: Choosing Sinks, Taps and Fixtures

If you are renovating your bathroom then you will no doubt have already been somewhat overwhelmed with the incredible variety of choice when it comes to the details. When looking for a bathroom sink, taps, fittings and details you can easily find yourself in a jungle of options, and navigating here choices is far from easy. The best way to approach this is to first consider what the general style is that you are looking for with your bathroom. Referencing a bathroom vanity range can give you a great starting point – you can explore some options here. With this in mind we are going to take a look at some common bathroom styles which people choose, and then delve a little deeper into which fixtures and fittings work best with those styles.

Urban Hotel Style

Urban and boutique hotels have been very popular for a long time now, so much so that some are looking to use the inspiration for their design in their own homes. Replicating this look is actually far easier than you may think, and the finish is this delightfully rugged version of chic. The colour palette should feature light grey, touches of white and black, materials used will be concrete, dark stones and the odd piece of light wood. These bathrooms look great because of the juxtaposition of raw and plush, and the fittings and faucets are where you can bring the life out in the design. Brushed chrome taps and fixtures with a bright white ceramic sink really set this style off.

Bright, White and Minimal

Rather than looking to pack in the design features, this commonly chosen minimal bathroom uses whites and silvers to create a relaxing, chic paradise. Using glossy white fittings and plenty of reflective materials, this is a bathroom which you will be more than happy to spend time in. Polished chrome and oversized taps look great in this bathroom design, so too does a deep, drop-in sink and a bright white ceramic tub.

Country Style Design

If you are looking for a cozier, more rural feel for your bathroom then follow similar design tips as you would for a country kitchen. The key to this design is simplicity and that is why the colors used here are simple brushed steel and warm white colours, used with wooden installations such as mirror frames and cupboards. A deep and generous trough looks great in these bathrooms and in terms of bathroom taps and mixers, an overstated faucet with white handles is a sleek touch that helps to bring that rural mood.

Natural Bathroom

The natural bathroom has changed in style somewhat over the years and rather than giving your home the harvest feel with dried leaves and twigs, a more fashionable approach is to use lights and darks of nature through the use of wood and textured stone. A cascading bathroom mixer tap is a great idea for this type of bathroom, mimicking waterfalls found in nature, place these over a long and curved sink for a really great-looking bathroom. In terms of additional fixtures, look to use chunky pieces of wood and aim to incorporate high-quality stone to achieve this look. You could even include rattan wastebaskets as part of the decor to add a touch of natural authenticity and practicality to your space.

These are just some of the common choices which you can find when you are choosing your next bathroom.