How to Control Bedbugs in Your Home

Bed Bugs are small and brownish insects, which feed on the blood of human beings or animals. Adult bed bugs have flat bodies with a size of watermelon seed, and after feeding, they swell and become reddish. These bugs can’t fly but may move fast on ceilings and floors. Female bed bugs lay many eggs, and immature bugs, referred to as nymphs, shed skin five times before they mature. In favorable conditions, these bugs may develop and produce more than three generations every year. 

Luckily, you may comfortably get rid of these bedbugs, but you will need patience because it may require effort and time. You might have to try various non-chemical and chemical approaches, particularly if the infestation is serious. To help you control these bugs in your home, here are guidelines you can use:

1. Identify the Infested Places

Low-level of infestations can be challenging to correctly identify and find bedbugs. Other insects like carpet beetles, may easily be mistaken for bed bugs. If you misidentify the infestation, you give these bugs ample time to hitchhike a ride to other people’s houses and start a new invasion. Bites on your skin can also be a poor indicator. This is because the bites from bedbugs may look similar to hives, rashes, or other insects like chiggers and mosquitoes. 

The best way to accurately identify bed bugs is to observe physical signs. When changing your bedding and cleaning your home, you can search for tiny eggshells and eggs. You can also observe dark spots around your bed and other places, including:

  • Couches
  • Drawer joints 
  • Electrical appliances
  • Boxspring
  • Wall hangings 

2. Get an Expert Involved

Dealing with bedbugs is challenging, especially when you know nothing about them. The best option is to hire a trustworthy pest management professional like Jeffrey Pasternack. Although some experts can be expensive, they can be vital as they will not miss out on anything, and taking on the challenge yourself could leave the infestation prone to coming back, so it is recommended to spend the extra money to make sure the job is done properly. It may be important to research thoroughly and evaluate various options to choose the right bed bug control Southborough services. While doing your research, remember to go through the expert’s credentials and reviews.

3. Prepare for the Treatment

If your treatment day is approaching, you may need to move some of your things to another place while your home undergoes a cleaning. For you to avoid this, you may need to take down every curtain in your home and gather towels, floor mats, and pillows. You can place the items directly in the shower then dry them on a high heat setting for 30 minutes. 

Anything which cannot be washed needs to get treated in the dryer and stored in plastic bags. You may also need to inspect every item in your home, including:

  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Pictures
  • Books
  • Frames

4. Kill Bedbugs

Homeowners can use different methods, which can prevent infestations of bedbugs without jeopardizing their kids’ health. Generally, pyrethroids, a chemical from a natural botanical insecticide called pyrethrins, can help eliminate bedbugs. Both pyrethroids and pyrethrins are deadly to bedbugs, including their eggs. 

Using diatomaceous earth is also another way to get rid of bedbugs. Although diatomaceous earth is classed as one of the pesticides, it does not terminate bed bugs through toxicity. Instead, it destroys waterproof shells of bedbugs by drying or desiccating them out. Apart from using diatomaceous earth and pyrethroids, you may also use a steam mop, vacuum, and rubbing alcohol, just to name a few. 

The Bottom Line!

The bed bug endemic seems to be worsening every day. While parents are waking up to bedbug bites on their kids, homeowners have spent a lot of money on exterminators to get rid of them. However, some methods seem not to be working because of investing in the wrong exterminators. This creates chaos in the lives of people, and at times leaves them with an embarrassing feeling. Though this can change, provided you work with the right management control professionals, or use effective chemicals.