Tips For Choosing Your Granny Flat Builder

Granny flats are increasing in terms of their popularity and this small property choice is certainly one of the real estate trends which have stayed the course over the last decade. Initially, the humble granny flat was a second dwelling that was built on the land of a family home. The idea was that an elderly parent would be able to live in a property like this, maintaining their independence whilst at the same time having their own family on hand to help and support with anything that they needed.

Over time, of course, these properties would be left empty and many would start to rent them out. This kickstarted a trend for people to buy up very small pieces of land and then get a granny flat built on top of it. If this is something which you are seeking to do, here are some tips on getting the right builder.

Checking For License

No matter what recommendation or building firm you have found, the first step will always be to make sure that they are a fully licensed builder in your state. When it comes to granny flats Victoria has a wealth of contractors who are absolutely brilliant at what they do, but not all of them are licenced builders, so always check to license first.

Asking For References

It is also going to be important that the company which you choose is good at what they do and that they have satisfied previous customers. There is nothing wrong at all in your asking for them to provide some references and show you previous projects which they have completed.

Understanding the Law

Even if the building contractor is licensed that does not suggest that they have a full understanding of the law in the state, and you should always look to ensure that they do. Again there is nothing wrong here in you asking them a couple of questions about the requirements for building a dwelling such as this and if they get the answers wrong or don’t know them, you are better off not taking the risk. If they complete this work without adhering to the rules, you are going to find yourself in legal trouble once the build is completed.

Getting a Great Quote

Before you decide on any particular contractor it is essential that you get a number of quotes in order to gain an understanding of what art of prices you are looking at, and who is the most competitive. Don’t always go for the cheapest, unless they have a stellar reputation. Go for the price which is most reasonable for what the company will provide.

Little Details

And finally, keep an eye out for the little details as these can be telling. What kind of vehicles are they using, are they branded? What is the company website like and do they even have one? These little details often give us a good snapshot of how professionally a company takes themselves and that can give you an indication as to what kind of contractors they are going to be.

Weigh up all pros and cons before making a decision.