5 Costs to Consider Before Moving Your Restaurant To Los Angeles

Moving to Los Angeles and setting up a restaurant. Now that does sound pretty amazing! But definitely not easy. If this dream is going to become reality then you will have to get organized. It’s so important to set a realistic budget and manage it tightly as unexpected costs like the ones we have listed below can cause big problems if not managed properly.

Here are a few costs to consider before you start the process of moving your restaurant.

1. Inventory

Depending on how much time you have available before the move you may be able to time your deliveries so that you have no leftover stock before the big move. While you could transport your inventory over to the new restaurant there are extra costs involved in safely storing food items for extended periods of time and during transportation. Your “last-minute” option to avoid added fees is to give away the leftover produce to customers for free or at a discounted price.

2. Manufacturing

Something to consider when setting up, or relocating, a restaurant is to find an area located near stores selling items from the best food manufacturing companies. To avoid supply issues at the new location it’s best to know what options you have locally for emergency situations. You may also be able to buy wholesale and the split delivery cost with your local store or restaurant.

3. Real Estate

Let’s be honest, finding a reasonably priced rental opportunity in the most popular eating spots of Los Angeles is unlikely. Unless you are well known to the LA scene before moving in you are going to want to look at more boutique and up-and-coming areas to set up shop. 

Talk to your real estate agent about areas that cater to your style of customers. Check out this website to learn more about the best real estate websites for 2022!

4. Licenses/ Permits

Do you serve alcohol? Are you planning to? If this isn’t something you’ve given much thought to, then start now, as you’ll need to apply for a liquor license/drinking permit. The requirements to pass vary based on; establishment size and location, the food you serve, the times you open, your surveillance system, and on. Everything needs to be considered. Without thorough research and the correct paperwork, you could end up being fined!

5. Moving Company

Kitchen equipment is not small, or light and to ensure the smoothest relocation you’re going to start by looking for the ​​best los angeles moving company. You’ll likely need to schedule the move a few weeks or maybe months in advance. 

The next step is cleaning. You might be tempted to put off the cleaning until after the move but cooking greasy does not make these bulky items any easy to transport so be prepared to wash everything down twice.

Final Checks!

Before preparing to load your things into the van and set off, take a minute to tick these items off the list, check the insurance and let utility people know the moving date.

  1. Create an inventory of possessions that are to be taken to a new address.
  2. Let phone and mobile phone people know the new address as well as redirect mail.
  3. Get in touch with banks and other institutions to inform them of the new address too.
  4. Have the phone number of the real estate agent or the landlord of the new property.
  5. Plus the mobile number of the driver of the removal van.