How to Tell You Have Been Friend Zoned

Source: Unsplash

‘Friend zone’ is a term that is pretty common among the younger generations. It is used to refer to a situation where one person wants to be involved with the other romantically or intimately, but the other party wants nothing but friendship. Many people have found themselves in this situation when trying to look for their perfect partner. For many, this happens without their knowledge.

Being friend zoned is considered to happen more to men, although there are women who find themselves in this situation. You can avoid the friend zone by simply looking for another partner when you need to. Online dating is one of the best options to try.

There are plenty of dating sites and apps where you can find your true love – download them on your phone or sign up. Visit for the best sugar dating site, if that is to your taste. Many may find it difficult to understand whether they are in the friend zone, and they will keep on pushing without reading the signs. Here are some signs that will help you tell whether you have been friend zoned.

One Talks More About People They Like

This is one of the most obvious signs that you have been friend zoned. The person you want to be your partner is always talking about other people they like or want to be in a romantic relationship with. If someone you consider to be a potential partner is doing this, then chances are you have been pushed into the friend zone.

Terms Used

The terms used by your potential partner to refer to you could also be a possible sign that you are in the friend zone. You will find them using terms like brother, buddy, or mate to refer to you, meanwhile you think you are in a relationship with them. This should be wake-up call, especially when you want to attach yourself emotionally to someone.

Brings Friends to Dates

Dates are meant to be for two. The only time someone should bring a friend without your consent is maybe during the first date so that they can feel safer. If you claim to be falling for someone or in a relationship with them, but they bring a third party on every date you arrange, you should read the clear signs that you have been friend zoned. Your dates will always be casual, and you should expect only friendship afterwards.

You’re No Longer Funny

If someone has a crush on you, they tend to laugh at every joke you make – even if it isn’t funny at all. When he or she stops laughing at your jokes, then you should know they have lost interest in you, or you have been pushed into the friend zone. Reading all these signs will help you make your move early to avoid suffering rejection.