7 Inexpensive and Fun things to Do With Foster Children This Winter

The winter months can be challenging for foster families trying to find enjoyable activities to do with their foster children. Especially around the holidays, budgets are tight but kids still want to have fun. Here are seven cheap and fun things to try with your foster children this winter.

1. Bake and Decorate Holiday Biscuits

Baking biscuits is an inexpensive activity, and kids of all ages love decorating biscuits! Let them roll out the dough, use cutters to make fun shapes, and go wild decorating with frosting and sprinkles. They’ll be proud of their tasty creations. Foster a sense of family and holiday spirit by playing festive music and enjoying your creations together afterwards. 

2. Make Homemade Hot Chocolate

Children love hot chocolate, so why not make it extra special by making your own from scratch? Heat up some milk, add cocoa powder, sugar, and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla. Top with marshmallows or whipped cream. Make it a cosy bonding activity by letting the kids help measure and stir. Serve it in fun mugs and enjoy together.

3. Host an Indoor Winter Carnival

Set up fun activity stations inside your home for an indoor winter carnival. Stations can include ring toss, fishing for prizes in a kiddie pool filled with packing peanuts, a face painting station, and a photo booth area with costumes. Serve carnival treats like popcorn and cotton candy. Kids will have a blast playing and feel special that you created this just for them.

4. Make Snow Globes

Snow globes capture the magic of winter inside a glass dome. Make mini snow globes together using clean jars filled with water, glitter, and small figurines. Seal the jars with glue and let the kids shake up their own snowy scenes. They’ll love the creativity of making their own snow globes to play with or give as gifts.

5. Have a Family Game Night

Break out the board games, card games, and puzzles. Make some popcorn or bake treats and have a family game night! Playing games like Monopoly together fosters quality bonding time, and fun board games teach kids skills like strategy, critical thinking, fairness and sportsmanship. 

6. Go Sledging

If you’re lucky enough to get snowy weather, going sledging at a local hill is an inexpensive winter thrill for kids. Bundle them up with snow gear, make a thermos of hot chocolate, and spend time sledging together. The simple pleasure of sledging down hills provides hours of free entertainment. A plastic tray will do the job!

7. Host a Holiday Movie Night

Pick a selection of feel-good holiday movies appropriate for your foster children’s ages. Make popcorn garland by stringing popcorn to decorate your living room. Build a blanket fort, snuggle up, and watch the movies together. Kids get to unwind with the comfort of movies, snacks, and quality time with caring adults. The winter holidays provide many opportunities to bond with your foster children through simple, inexpensive activities. Connect with other foster parents via your agency, such as Fosterplus, so you can get together and do group activities. Focus on spending meaningful time together, creating traditions, and building happy memories. The fun doesn’t have to cost a lot for kids to cherish these moments forever. With a little creativity, your foster family can find many ways to enjoy the magic of winter.