6 Tips for Pulling the Ultimate Surprise Proposal

When you’re ready to pop the question to your significant other, you might be wondering how to make sure you surprise them with a great proposal. From purchasing the ring itself to planning the perfect moment to ask the question, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you need to get in order before proposing, especially if you don’t want to spoil the event in advance. Luckily, technology has made it easier than ever to get everything you need without ever tipping off your significant other in advance. If you’re ready to pop the question, let’s go over six tips for pulling off the ultimate surprise proposal.

1. Get the best quality ring for your money.


Finding the ring is the first, most obvious step in planning any proposal. Don’t just buy the biggest, most expensive ring you can find, try to understand your partner’s taste. Diamonds are the traditional stone for an engagement ring, though they can be pricey. If you haven’t already, consider looking into lab created engagement rings. Lab-created diamonds are real, authentic diamonds created by imitating the same process a mined diamond undergoes, but in a lab and over a much shorter period of time. Not only are they just as high-quality, but lab-created rings also cost an estimated 40 to 60% less than a mined diamond, so you can expect to have a lot more options if you’re on a budget.

2. Keep your purchase secret.


If you live together, it can be difficult to purchase a ring without being caught by your significant other. Using a service like Ship Anon can help you keep your purchases secret by allowing you to pick them up at an in-store location instead of shipping them directly to your home. Not only will this service keep anything you need for your proposal away from prying eyes, but it also protects you from having to give out your address online. You can even pick up a ring on the day of your proposal, ensuring there’s no chance of the ring being found around the house, in your car, or in your pocket before the big day.

3. Don’t tell anyone who might blab.


You might need help arranging certain parts of the proposal, but you need to be careful that no one you get involved spills the secret. Think carefully about who you trust with any information in advance, especially if they’re a friend of the person you’re proposing to. Spoiling the surprise might ruin an otherwise well-planned event, so keep your circle of trust small to minimize the risk of your plan being spilled.

4. Find the perfect location.


Where you propose is key, so spend some time thinking on the perfect spot. Maybe you want to go back to the place where you had your first date or find a way to ask in front of their family on a big holiday. No matter what you decide, put some thought into finding the absolute right time and location for your proposal.

5. Timing is everything.


Timing is an under-appreciated part of getting a proposal right. If you’re proposing in front of other people, like friends and family, consider whether the occasion you’re choosing is appropriate for a proposal and whether your potential spouse wants to be proposed to in front of them. Don’t choose a stressful time or a place where your significant other might feel pressured or uncomfortable. You want a relaxed, positive mood for the moment.

6. Consider a photographer or videographer.

If you want to look back on your proposal, consider investing in a professional to record it. You might be able to ask your friend to hide and take some photos, but having a professional on-hand to capture the moment is your best bet. It can be difficult to maintain the element of surprise with a professional photographer present, but you can have them stay hidden until you’re down on one knee if you’re concerned.

You only get one shot to nail the perfect proposal, so don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure your partner has no idea what’s coming by keeping your preparations under wraps, keep the secret within a tight circle, and iron out the logistics well in advance so you can pull off your surprise effortlessly — and don’t forget that timing is everything. Proposing at the right moment, with the right audience, is the best way to guarantee that your partner says “yes.”