Why You Should Use Condoms

Sexually transmitted infections are a serious public health concern, especially for high-risk population. However, condom use can protect you against STIs such as HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis among others. In addition, condom use can also help you to avoid unwanted pregnancy. There are two types of condom that include internal, which is used by females and external condom that is used by men. In essence, both can help to minimize the risk of contracting STIs as well as preventing unwanted pregnancies.Here are some of the reasons why you should use condoms:

1. They provide an additional layer of contraception

Other contraceptives such as diaphragms, sponges, ring or cervical caps are not 100% effective. This is why you also need to consider other alternative birth control measures such as the use of condoms to avoid pregnancy.

2. You do not need to worry about side effects

In case you are allergic to latex, you need not to worry because nonlatex condoms are also available. These nonlatex condoms can also protect you against STIs as well as unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, while you may think that you are allergic to latex condom, it could actually be as a result of being sensitive to the lubricant that covers prelubricated condoms. In this case, you only need to switch to a latex condom brand that you feel at ease using.

3. They are easily accessible compared to other types of contraception

Condoms are readily accessible, for instance, in drugstores or grocery stores and you do not need an approval from doctors or pharmacist to buy your pack. Since they are easy to access, you can check, for instance, prezervatyvai for your preferred pack of rubbers.

4. They can help minimize the risk of other infections

In case you are prone to bacterial vaginosis, studies have shown that using a condom can help to minimize the risk of bacterial vaginosis after sexual intercourse. This is because, semen can disrupt vagina’s pH thus making it conducive for bacteria to survive. However, the use of condoms may help to intercept the semen, which is key to enabling the vagina’s pH to work properly.

5. Cleanup is easier with condoms

When using condoms, you will realize that cleanup after use is easier. This is because, it is rare for semen to leak out. However, when disposing condoms, you need to avoid flushing them down the toilet because they can clog your septic tank. To dispose them properly, you should fold used condom in a tissue, and subsequently place it in a garbage can.

6. Help improve sexual pleasure

If you keep worrying about contracting an STI or getting pregnant, you probably may not enjoy sex since stress is the greatest pleasure block. As such, wearing a condom can make a difference since you probably will not worry much about getting an STI or becoming pregnant.


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