4 Hobbies to Take Up This Summer

With summer fast approaching, you may be looking for new ideas of activities or pursuits to do to keep you busy. Hobbies are a great way to explore your passions, develop new skills, and just have fun without the pressure of having to be perfect or get it right the first time round. Here are just a couple of hobbies that you could take up this summer, that you can do from the comfort of your own home, for free or for very little cost.


Yoga is a great way to get your body moving in a mindful way. There are plenty of benefits, from improving your strength and flexibility, to just taking some time for yourself. A yoga mat is one of the only pieces of equipment you may need to help you start this hobby. There are plenty of videos online to teach you the basics, from beginners’ level to more advanced practices. Yoga is a non-competitive form of exercise that you can do at any time of day, in your yard or inside. You can also take part daily, or whenever you want, and for as long as you want.


You don’t have to have a garden to start gardening. No matter how much outdoor space you have, tending to plants, flowers, greenery, or even veggies is a great way to spend time in the fresh air and understand more about nature. There are lots of ways for beginners to get into gardening, with plenty of plants that are truly easy to plant and care for. You can even start growing them on your windowsill if you have no outdoor space, and add a little bit of greenery to your home.


When it comes to arts and crafts, the list is almost infinite! From painting to knitting, pottery to collaging, there are so many options to get you started. Think about what you are passionate about, or what you have always wanted to try, and go from there. You can find tutorials and guides online, and you may already have a lot of the equipment you need. What’s more, if you become very good, you could even start selling your work or making gifts for your loved ones. Crafting can be done inside or outside, and can be modified for different experience levels.

Learn a new language

If the summer weather disappears and you can’t go outside, it is helpful to have a hobby that you can do indoors as well. Learning a new language is an incredibly useful skill, whether it is just for fun or to boost your career proscpects. You can use online courses or apps to help you improve and track your progress. Another great way to learn new languages is to consume media in that language, such as books or movies. If you didn’t enjoy languages at school, you may prefer learning them as a hobby, as it is on your own terms and you aren’t being tested on it.