What is Lip Augmentation Juvederm?

Lip augmentation or lip fillers are becoming more common with younger women. They were once only chosen as a cosmetic treatment by older women but lip augmentation juvederm is now popular across age ranges as more women want fuller lips.

Why Have Lip Augmentation Juvederm?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic treatment which provides the patient with fuller looking lips. A medical-grade liquid silicone is injected into the lips to fill them and make them look fuller and younger.

As we age we lose collagen from our bodies, and lips are made up of mainly collagen, so lips become thinner and also the lip lines become less defined, often jagged rather than definite and smooth.  There is also a younger generation influenced by celebrities and social media who want fuller lips proportion to their other facial features, wanting to look more attractive who also opt for lip fillers.

What to Expect From a Lip Augmentation Treatment

A lip augmentation treatment takes around fifteen to twenty minutes to be completed and the effects are immediately visible, with silicone having been injected below the lip line. For temporary lip augmentation the effects should last between six and twelve months before reapplication is required. You can choose how much filler you want to be added to your lips, but a responsible injectionist will limit the amount to what is reasonable, because often younger women later regret how much they had injected. Temporary lip augmentation uses Juvederm or Restylane.

An alternative is permanent lip augmentation which is completed over a longer period of time, often three to six sessions spaced at least six weeks apart. The treatment being spread this way ensures that the patient is happy with the increase in size of their lips. It is also recommended that someone considering the permanent lip augmentation procedure have a temporary lip augmentation first so that they know that they will be happier with larger and fuller lips before committing to a permanent change.

Before having lip augmentation you would usually have a consultation with the lip augmentation specialist to have your lips examined, medical history checked, and lip goals discussed, before a treatment plan is scheduled, as well as discussion of anesthesia, recovery, risks and costs.

An anesthesia is applied prior to the treatment which blocks the nerves, similar to what is used in a dental surgery, allowing for a comfortable and painless procedure. The lips can be very sensitive so this is essential. There will likely be little pain or discomfort during the procedure, with very little pain during recovery, with just small amounts of swelling expected for a couple of days which will quickly subside.

Lip augmentation is performed by injecting the filler directly into the lips. If implantable sheets are being used during a permanent procedure then small incisions are made at the corners of the lips on the inside of the mouth to insert these. This way the scars are not visible. You should be able to return to your everyday activity the same day following lip augmentation.