Where to Buy Hardware Stainless Steel Nails Online

If you’re a professional carpenter or you enjoy carpentry as a hobby then you know that choice of nails is as important as choice of wood, because choose the wrong nail, and not only could you have a lot of wood wastage when building the furniture, but also the finished product may over time show streaks or corrosion from the nails.  So can you buy hardware stainless steel nails online and get advice there on which nail for which job?

Hardware Stainless Steel Nails

There are many types of nails to choose from and often you may want the same nail type in differing lengths, corrosion grades, head size and may want them as single nails or also on coils and strips for your nailer.

For roofers nails are available such as coil nails with both smooth shank and ringed shank and lengths up to 1.75” in many varieties.  These are stainless steel finished to be anti-corrosion and can even be used in seaside and tropical environments.

Other uses of nails include finish carpentry and trim woodworking projects where brad nails are the ideal choice.  Outdoor construction work including fences, sheds, patios, decking and summerhouses.  Wood carvings and ornamental carpentry where smaller brad nails are ideal as they have smaller entry points.

Hardwood flooring may require heavier duty nails and also anti corrosion grade if the wood used is exotic or ACQ treated.  Wood paneling boards require nails with larger heads due to vertical application. And upholstery trims and panels tend to require brad nails.

Nail guns are also available to be bought online, either specialist guns such as AY grade brad nail guns, or general guns which will take a variety of nails.

As well as nails a good online fastener company will also sell other fasteners such as screws, mechanical anchors, max rebar tiers, tie wires, and staples.  Screws can include collates screws, roofing screws, reversible nails, cement board screws, concrete screws, needle point screws, drywall screws, woodworking screws, outdoor application screws with anticorrosion properties, metal paneling and siding screws, self-drilling screws and general stainless steel screws.

Staples come in multiple gauges from 15 gauge to 23 gauge, as well as corrugated fasteners, special application staples, and stainless steel for exterior use.

Nails come in several varieties including finish nails, flooring cleat nails, coil nails, strip nails, hot dip galvanized nails, stainless steel nails, copper nails, reversible nails, corrugated fasteners, hand drive nails and brad nails.

No matter what use you have in mind a good online fastener retailer will have the fasteners, nails, screws, staples you require as well as the application tools required.  If you need interior use fasteners then these are the standard fasteners, whereas stainless steel fasteners can be used in ACQ treated timber, exotic woods and in seaside, saltwater and tropical climates.  Make sure you select the right fastener for the job you are doing and consider where the finished product will be located as to whether it needs to avoid corrosion.