Tips to Help You Secure Your Kids’ Good Health and Safety When They Are Outside the House

As parents, your main priority and concern is your kids’ safety. You want them to be always healthy and safe. This is easier to control when they are little and just stay in the house. You can protect and communicate with them 24/7 with DASH Intercom System Installation. However, everything changes once they start to attend school. The moment that they go out the house, it feels like you are losing control over them.

Living in Singapore can be great as they have a very clean environment, modern infrastructure and stable economy but still, having your kids go to school for the first time can be scary especially for first time parents. Do not worry because in this article, we will share some tips to help you secure your kids’ good health and safety when they are outside the house.

  1. Choose a good and reputable school– Children will spend a lot of hours in school, so it is indeed important that you are confident and secured about the school you enroll your kids to. Choosing Singapore International School for example, will help you feel more secured not only about the high-quality education your kid will receive but also their safety. They have great teachers, dynamic classrooms, vibrant and safe campus with security guards and CCTV to secure the safety of students while inside the campus. Choosing the right school is indeed very important because the school serves as the child’s second home.
  2. Drop and pick them up to/from school – it is best if you can drop your kids to school in the morning and then pick them up once the class ends. If you are working and you cannot pick them up by yourself, be sure to assign a reliable person to do the job like a close relative or a nanny you trust. Also, be sure to inform the school of authorized person to pick up your kid. You should also inform your kid who will pick them up so they do not go with a stranger.
  3. Pack lunch or snacks for them – it is advisable to prepare your kid’s lunch and snacks rather than giving them money to buy food in school. You do not want your kids to be munching on junk foods during their break time so make sure to prepare healthy snacks and lunch like sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and others. Tell your kids to avoid buying foods outside.
  4. Supervise them when playing outside – when they request to play with other kids after school, be sure that there will be an adult to supervise them. Do not allow them to wander around the village without an adult around.
  5. Make sure to tell them not to talk to strangers – lastly, it is important to warn them not to talk to strangers. You should be clear with your kids that it is not good to talk to strangers outside school especially if the strangers ask them to go somewhere.

These are some tips to help you secure your kids’ good health and safety when they are outside the house. You cannot keep them lock up in the house especially when they are starting to grow up. They need to go to school and they will surely wish to play outside with other kids so what you can do is follow the tips that we discussed to keep them safe even without you watching them 24/7.