Mike Giuffrida Considers the Spike in Breast Reductions in Hartford and Southington, CT

Hartford and Southington, CT have always followed national trends in relation to plastic surgery quite closely. Mike Giuffrida is one of the plastic surgeons who operates in this area and who has always monitored those statistics. He has been quite surprised to see that there has been a significant spike in the number of breast reduction procedures.

Mike Giuffrida on Breast Reductions

In 2016, there had been a national decline in the number of breast reduction procedures that were performed. In fact, the decline was 4%. However, last year saw an 11% increase, which is a significant number. Professionals like Mike Giuffrida are seeing a significant increase in demand for the reduction mammaplasty, as the procedure is known. This means they are asked to remove excess fatty tissue in the breast and take out excess skin and glandular tissue, thereby making the breasts more proportionate overall.

Interestingly, research has shown that the breast reduction procedure leads to the highest rate in patient satisfaction following the procedure. This is because the procedure, whether performed on a woman, which is most common, or on a man, has such a strong positive impact on quality of life. A breast reduction goes beyond being esthetically pleasing, it also has a functional benefits. Women find they are more comfortable and experience less back pain, while men feel more whole.

Mike Giuffrida on the Tummy Tuck

Not only has there been an increase in the number of people having a breast reduction, the tummy tuck has been found to also be making a serious comeback. In fact, in 2016, they were removed from the top 5 most popular procedures for the first time ever. Yet, in 2017, they made a massive come back. It seems that there has once again been a drive for people to have perfectly contoured bodies, something that few are able to achieve with diet and exercise alone. The result of societal pressures and the fact that people feel very unhappy in their own bodies means that they are more interested in this procedure. One of the reasons why this has surprised many surgeons is that the tummy tuck is quite an invasive medical procedure with a long recovery time.

It seems that there will always be significant fluctuations in the world of plastic surgery. This is in part due to the fact that the way people see themselves is influenced by the media, and it is never clear where the media will be going soon. Sometimes, there is a tremendous decrease in all cosmetic and plastic procedures, which tends to happen when there is a drive for being natural again. This often also translates in a reduction in makeup and cosmetic sales. However, when this happens, the decrease (and resulting increase when things change again) is seen across the board and not just for a singular procedure. With the breast reduction and the tummy tuck, therefore, it seems things are a little bit different.