Matthew Boente – How to Follow Regulations When Out

There is very much a new normal in the world now and that means that when you are out and about there are some new regulations that you should follow. The reason why doctors such as Matthew Boente MD have been so keen to reinforce these rules is because we are looking at minimizing the spread of the virus. In doing this we can ensure that hospitals and medical staff are not overwhelmed, and we can help the most vulnerable in society to avoid the virus wherever possible. This is easy to do at home of course, but what about when you are outside?

Social Distancing

The Covid virus is one which is most often passed from person to person through infected air droplets in the air which we breathe. If someone has the virus and they cough or sneeze then those air droplets reach a wider radius and that of course puts anyone within that diameter at risk. The purpose of staying socially distanced is to lower that risk because at the 2 meter mark, those air droplets disperse. This is something which you need to be mindful of and it is something which you have to plan for when you are outside. If you see that someone is coming towards you then move out of the way, if you need to use an ATM or go to a shop, wait until it is safe to do so. This is a very odd thing to do but it is something which is going to really help.

Touching Surfaces

We know that the most common way of passing the virus on is through air droplets but there is also a risk of the virus being passed on through germs which has been left on surfaces. The easy thing to do here is to not touch surfaces wherever possible. If you are moving up an elevator for example then avoid touch the hand rail. Using gloves is not a great option because invariably you touch surfaces and then put your hand in your pocket or touch the surface of the glove when you take it off. The best bet is to try and avoid, wherever possible, touching surfaces with your hands. Incidentally you have to avoid touching your face too, if you get infected germs on your hands, it will only cause you problems if you then touch your face or mouth.

Washing Hands

Regular hand washing is the best way to avoid catching any kind of virus or infections from touching surfaces. This is a very easy thing to do and wherever you possibly can it is worth doing. If you are able to use high percentage alcohol hand sanitiser 500ml bottle then this too will help you in instances where soap and water aren’t available, but the best course of action is to ensure that you are washing your hands at every opportunity.

In following these basic steps you can play your part in helping to minimize the devastating impact of this virus.