Menos Hiras – Where Does Messi Go Next?


I must be honest, when all the drama broke last month about Lionel Messi asking to leave Barcelona, I genuinely did think that it was going to happen. In fact it was my good friend and football blogger Menos Hiras who predicted that Messi would be going nowhere just yet, and my goodness was he right. I was chatting to Menos once again about this last week and he is now pretty convinced that Messi will head to pastures new in January, something which I tend to agree with. So where oh where will the little Argentine who has spent so much of his career in Catalonia, end up?

Manchester City

There are only a select few clubs which could possibly afford the wages that Messi is looking for and one of those clubs i very much Manchester City. It is not just the presence of money that will appeal to Messi however, were that the case he would be off to China to rake in the billions. City can promise Messi more than money, it can promise great players, Champions League football, title winning chances and of course, a reunion with his old mate Pep Guardiola, this looks like the most likely destination.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich most certainly have the money to bring Messi in and they may very well make a play for him. In the Bundesliga Messi can guarantee himself a title win and also enjoy a slightly slower and less physical game than he would in England, which may extend his career somewhat. Bayern looks to be a low chance of happening however, but they will certainly have their hat in the ring.

Paris St Germain

There is absolutely no doubt that PSG could afford Messi, they are after all backed by an centre country, and there is no doubt that they would want to add his name to those of Neymar and Mbappe. This is all well and good and of course it would give the Paris side their best chance to complete the project and win the Champions League. The big stumbling block here is whether or not Messi could give two hoots about a league so simple as the French one. Most players who come to PSG do so for money more than glory, and Messi already has had his fill of each. Expect PSG to try and fail in their attempts to land the Argentine.

The final club which may well try and create the most perfect script in football history is Juventus, who may very well look to go all out and get Messi and Ronaldo playing together in the same squad before either of hangs up their boots for good. If you ask most football fans what they want, I think that you’ll find the majority will say ‘bring me the fairytale’. Sadly however, bth Menos and I believe that Manchester City will ultimately be the next destination of this magical player.