How to Gamble Responsibly for Health & Wellbeing

The current worth of the UK online gambling industry stands at an incredible £4.8billion. The popularity of the industry has risen quickly and exponentially since the early 2000s, quickly landing itself as one of the leading economical areas and becoming a firm fixture in the minds of the general public. While online gambling can be immense fun, worryingly, there are also approximately 593,000 UK gamblers that have a problem with the activity, be it at online casinos and bookies or land-based ones. Could this be reflective of the fast growth of the industry?

There’s no doubt that gambling is now accessible and available wherever you are in the UK. Whether it’s land-based betting shops and casinos or on our television, mobile and computer screens on somewhere like this new casino uk, the opportunity is everywhere, many of which didn’t exist some 20-30 years ago. Naturally, a fresh gambling culture has emerged in the UK, bringing equally fresh demographics to the market. Slot machines are more accessible and approachable, while betting upon sports is widely accepted and permeates everything from TV advertisements to bus stop posters.

Steven Connor, casino manager at Gold Rush Slots says, for most, thankfully, gambling is an entertaining and enjoyable hobby that is enjoyed as a background past-time, rather than taking centre stage over other social hobbies and activities. Sadly, for some, the fun of gambling begins to dwindle and the activity can change from hobby to a very-real threat; to physical health, mental health, well-being and relationships. Gambling addiction, as well as substance and alcohol abuse, is one of the most recognised addictions in the UK. At gold rush slots we are committed to responsible gambling & encourage our members to take regular time-out when playing for long periods. We fully endorse self-exclusion via Gamstop when gambling becomes a problem.

There are many ways that somebody experiencing a gambling addiction can get help and support to get them back on to the path to recovery, despite the gambling addict stigma that an individual can sometimes be faced with. If you feel you might need some support for problem gambling habits, read some of our top tips below to help you get back on track.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Work out exactly how much money you can afford to gamble by carrying out a careful budget of your finances. If you’ve been over-spending, it’s time to cut back. Healthy gambling habits include setting a budget which you know you can afford to spend on your pastime, and sticking to that budget so that your hobby doesn’t start to have negative effects.

Use the Deposit Limit Casino Function

Many online casinos like allow players to set a deposit limit that caps how much money you can top up your bankroll with. This enables the players to maintain some control over their gambling habits, as even if you wanted to deposit more cash, you physically cannot. Hasty gambling following a loss is usually about impulse, and when we have had time to consider our choices, we’re less likely to follow through with a bad idea.

Make Clever Calculations

A fantastic method to get some perspective on your gambling habits is to calculate the value of your gambling losses and equate it with how many hours you have had to work to earn the same amount of cash. Consider online gambling as an entertaining activity rather than a way to make money fast. Remember that all forms of gambling, including online slots, table games, sports betting, Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, are not created with a view to mostly benefiting the player. While the games you’re playing at reputable casinos are balanced and fair, if everybody was winning, the industry wouldn’t exist.

Ensure that you take a few steps backwards to gain some outside perspective. Many casino operators enable a cooling off feature from your account if you feel you’re experiencing negativity from playing. This would mean there’s no possible way to access your account for around 30 days; and in many cases, the break does the player the world of good. Taking a break provides rationality and perspective.

Whichever problems in relation to gambling you are experiencing, there is plenty of help available and there are many methods you can adopt yourself to help remain in control of your hobby. You could also speak to family and friends; for gambling addiction is not something that should be dealt with without a support network. Likewise, there are plenty of organisations in the UK readily available to help and support problem gamblers.