It has been a while since loads and loads of cookery programs have passed in our homes through TV and YouTube channels. This phenomenon has led the public to love more their diet and be more careful with their dietary habits. We all have got to know with new ingredients which some of us have added to our everyday meals as well. But not only that-new cuisines and flavors have entered our lives and surely, we have ended up to be more cosmopolitan and open-minded to new ideas or suggestions. Hence, since we are already booking our summer vacations, we must have at least one or two options in mind when it comes to diners so as not to get disappointed. Besides, our demands have considerably risen due to all the aforementioned reasons. Make no mistake though-the following guide just distinguishes one and only restaurant in every continent. Make your own research before landing in any place so as not to be found in front of any unpleasant surprises.


Well, it comes as no surprise that among the best restaurants in Athens, Greece we are able to spot the top European restaurant. It is widely known that Greek chefs have received lots of Michelin stars and other excellency awards. It goes without saying that the Mediterranean cuisine plays more than an important role in such a distinction thanks to olive oil, feta cheese etc. So, the best diner in Athens as far as we are concerned is the Dinner in the Sky. As the name suggests you have to be prepared to enjoy your meal around a table with set and screwed chairs hanging above the sky of the Greek capital. Except for the incredibly tasty dishes you will also adore the stunning views to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. It is a once in a lifetime experience you will not regret paying for.


Now it’s time to move on to the other side of the Atlantic and land in America. Well, to be more specific in South America. In Buenos Aires, Argentina you can come across and pay a visit to Aramburu. It is considered one of the best fine dining restaurants around the globe according to customers’ choice. Through its menu you can order Argentinian, international or vegetarian delicacies. It is considered a gourmet eatery with top notch service and of course it does not come cheap. But clients do not mind-they just love visiting the place again and again. Unless you are familiar with another place, go for it!


Let’s move on to Africa and more specifically to Cairo. So, the top hotel in the whole Africa according to clients is The Blue Restaurant and Grill. There, it is mainly served Italian and Mediterranean cuisine as well as European one. As you can imagine the blue color is all over the place and lots of roasted meat is consumed there. The restaurant is found in Kempinski Nile Hotel so it will not be that hard to discover it. Great wines and imaginative sauces can accompany your dishes while you are transferred to a whole new culinary space. You have to rest assured that such a place will cover yours and your guests needs if not surpass them.

To make a long story short, through the past few decades the levels of gastronomy have risen to unreal levels and that is not by chance. It is thanks to the efforts of restaurant owners and chefs too. Thus, it is more than a pity selecting low-quality diners that offer meals of ambiguous quality to say the least. Think wisely, eat fantastically!