Here’s Why You Need To Correct Your Kids’ Posture Right Now!

Social distancing had us spending more time at home the last few months. Some of us have been working from home all this time, while our kids have been stuck studying remotely and playing video games, slouching over a computer more than usual.

While the coronavirus is slowly becoming yesterday’s news when it comes to health, it’s time to raise some awareness about proper posture and why it is so important – especially for children.

Proper posture when sitting and standing will put less strain on our muscles, spine and the entire body. In children, proper posture is key as it means proper development. Becoming aware of the correct posture is the first step towards correcting your kids’ posture and reducing the stress poor posture is putting on their developing spine.

If you do not help your kids correct poor posture, they may develop anatomical deviations that may cause painful chronic conditions in their later years.

Proper posture is often overlooked, but can affect our kids’ health in more ways than we know. We spoke to the indoor fun experts at Uptown Jungle in North Phoenix about proper posture and its importance for kids.

Maintaining Your Balance

Balance is one of the keys of proper posture. You can check whether your kids’ balance is good for yourself the next time they stand up. Try to notice whether one of their legs is carrying more weight than the other or if their weight is distributed evenly.

If one leg is carrying more weight, their spine and muscles will be put under extra strain to balance them out. Teach them to be mindful of their posture when they are standing or sitting and make sure their pelvic area is properly aligned.

Is Their Back Properly Aligned?

Balance and alignment are staples of proper posture. In order to have proper posture, your spine needs to be well aligned. Same goes for your kids. Whether they are standing up or sitting down, their head should be looking straight ahead, their shoulders should be slightly thrown back and their knees and hips should stay straight.

Professionals frequently treat people with a forward head tilt and shoulders hunched forward. The reason why many children have improper posture is the amount of time they spend at their computers and cell phones.

Proper Posture Demands Activity

Your kids may have used the last year or so as an excuse to stay inactive, but the fact is that the human body demands physical activity and movement, especially at a young age.

We were designed to stay on the move and movement is essential in a lot of aspects of our health. If we do not move, our body degenerates over time. In children, less movement means improper development.

That is why regular exercise, any physical activity or stretching can keep their bodies working and developing properly.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities your kids can enjoy. Staying active can be fun at the same time if you know how to properly motivate and activate them.

Spine health is essential for your children’s wellness and regular physical activity can help them develop into healthy, fit and active individuals. Trust us, once they realize the importance of staying active they will thank you for all the healthy habits you’ve taught them.