Pathrise: Digital marketers grow companies and themselves

“Digital marketing is a great way to get into the tech industry because it is versatile and in-demand currently,” explains Kevin Wu, co-founder and CEO of Pathrise, an online mentorship program that helps people optimize their job search so they can get the best possible job.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for the marketing field should increase by 10% by 2026, which means that this is a great time to get into the industry. Digital marketing positions can be based around content creation and marketing, product marketing, analytics, paid search, advertising, email marketing, social media, and so much more. Prospective digital marketers looking to impress recruiters and hiring managers should pick up more than one of those skills so they can stand out against the competition.

When applying to jobs online, it might feel tough to comb through thousands of postings on large job sites like LinkedIn and Google Jobs. Therefore, digital marketers can narrow down their search and find a great job faster if they focus on specific job boards that relate to their experience and goals. For example, the American Marketing Association has 950 open positions that can be culled down even further by searching for specific keywords like analyst, communications, growth, or content, depending on what the person wants to find. In addition, candidates who are more interested in working at an early stage company or a startup could check out job boards like AngelList, VentureLoop, and Growth Hackers, which focus on these types of organizations.

One of the best pieces of advice for digital marketers who are looking for their first, or next, great job is to think of the job search like a marketing project. They need to create a plan, establish a timeline, work out their resources, and then market themselves like they would a product or service. Successful marketers make their customers understand the value through persuasive writing and visuals, research, testimonials, and persistence.

A strong resume and marketing portfolio can help candidates showcase their value during the application process of their job search. Their resume should include strong statements that highlight the impact of the work they did through quantification and context. In addition, marketers need to have a portfolio so they can visually point recruiters and hiring managers to their successes. The portfolio should be easy to understand, interactive, and heavy on storytelling.

Next, digital marketers spend a lot of time researching prospective clients before engaging with them or creating content for them. This is the same in the job search. Before applying for a job, candidates should always dig into the company to learn about their mission, values, products, and history. This helps as they establish their interview question responses. In addition, candidates who can get a referral will have a better shot getting their foot in the door. Like a product testimonial, referrals help companies get a better sense of the candidate before even speaking with them.

Finally, persistence is key when looking to land a job. Gone are the days when candidates could just apply online and hope for the best. Instead, they should always follow up with a cold email or LinkedIn message to get their resume noticed. This has been found to triple application response rates, which leads to more interviews and offers down the line.